Sells Goalkeeper Gloves

Check out Pro:Direct’s extensive selection of Sells goalkeeper gloves at competitive prices. Sells manufacture goalkeeper gloves in a number of styles to suit the different needs of players. So if you are need of new quality gloves, why not take a look at Pro:Direct’s Sells range? 

Sells goalkeeper gloves have many of the features that the pros take for granted. On these gloves you’ll find latex padding, abrasion resistant grips, protective finger spines, wrist-straps and pull-loops for easy glove removal. Choose a pair of gloves from five model ranges: Total Contact, Axis 360, Wrap, Silhouette and V.V. Sells manufacture glove types including: hybrid roll, flat palm, boned protection, negative cut and roll finger. All are designed to protect your hands and improve your performance on the pitch. 

Sizes range from 6 up to 11, depending on the model of glove.