Artificial Grass Football Boots

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adidas Copa Sense.1 AG
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Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Vapor XV Elite AG Pro
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adidas Predator Edge+ AG
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adidas Predator Edge.1 Low AG
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adidas X Speedportal+ AG
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adidas X Speedportal.1 AG
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adidas Copa Sense.1 AG
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Designed for lightweight, durable traction, Artificial Grass football boots help you keep your footing on 3G, 4G and other synthetic grass surfaces. Since artificial grass pitches aren’t really affected by weather conditions (hence them also being known as “all-weather” pitches), AG boots only ever need to provide a small amount of penetration.

They therefore usually feature a dense configuration of fairly short studs to distribute your bodyweight over a larger area. Three reasons: one, shorter studs better resist the extra tension produced by artificial surfaces, so they’re less likely to snap off; two, spreading out your weight helps protect your joints; and three, it stops you damaging the pitch. Some AG football boots add extra traction to the mix in the form of very short studs or blades in key positions – Nike call these hybrids AG-PRO, while you’ll see other brands refer to multi-ground soleplates

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