Here at Pro:Direct we try to provide more than just the best selection of running shoes around, we help you make the most out of them too. Below we have grouped together a few of our favourite bits of content we think might help you start your new year in the spirit of fitness and self-improvement.

Follow Along Yoga for Runners

Specifically designed for post runs, this follow along video lets you find a restorative, relaxing finish to your session.

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Winter Running Essentials

Everything you need to make the most of running during the low light, colder winter months.

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Best Shoes for Running a 5k

This article doesn’t just cover the fastest shoes on the market, but gives some of the best support, trail, and budget friendly options out there too, so if you are thinking of training for your first 5k or aiming for a PB on race day, find the perfect shoe for you’re here.

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Half Marathon Training Plan

Download a half marathon training plan here, created by Hoka athlete, and head of CrossX training, Ellis Cross to give you best chance of PBing, or simply finishing.

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Strength Training for Runners

Strengthening your muscles and joints is essential for both performance, and injury reduction, so check out this follow along video for the perfect way to hit your new years goals.

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