Wilson NXT Duo II 16L String


Wilson NXT Duo II 16L String

The Wilson NXT Duo II is an upgraded version of their most popular high-performance Duo Hybrid.
Wilson NXT Duo II 16L String - Grey

The Wilson NXT Duo II combines Luxilon Adrenaline 17g and Wilson NXT 16g strings. Luxilon Adrenaline is a polyester made from liquid crystalline. Adrenaline provides a crisp, firm feel that's great for the hard hitting players. Wilson NXT is one of the most popular multi-filament strings on the market. NXT has a nice soft feel, providing good ball pocketing. For durability and control, string with the Adrenaline on the mains. For a softer feel and more spin, string with NXT on the mains.


Blend of Wilson NXT & Luxilon Adrenaline
Wilson's best-selling hybrid string
For durability, install Luxilon Adrenaline in the mains & NXT in the crosses
For playability and feel, install NXT in the mains & Luxilon Adrenaline in the crosses

Additional Information

  • Quick Ref: 25563
  • Man. Ref: WRZ948900