Tennis Balls

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What is the difference between pressurized and pressureless tennis balls?
Pressurized: Have air inside the rubber core and provide a livelier bounce. They tend to lose their bounce and go flat over time.
Pressureless: Have a solid core and rely on the rubber material for bounce. They last longer but feel heavier and less lively.

What are the best tennis balls for beginners?
For beginners, it's recommended to use softer, slower balls such as:
Stage 3 Tennis Balls: These balls are larger and bounce lower than standard balls, moving slower to give beginners more time to react and hit.
Stage 2 Tennis Balls: They travel faster and bounce higher than red balls but are still 50% slower than standard balls.
Stage 1 Tennis Balls: While they are the same size as standard balls, they are about 25% slower.

How should I store tennis balls?
Store tennis balls in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Just like your tennis bag.


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