Welcome to the Pro:Direct Tennis racket finder! We’re proud to stock an unrivalled selection of rackets for every kind of player but too much choice can prove overwhelming. How can you possibly know which racket is best for you?! With our intuitive racket finder tool, our aim is to strip back the marketing buzz words and use a series of carefully considered questions to enable you to make the most informed decision in confidence, all from the comfort of your own home.

Once complete, you’ll be directed to your own personal dedicated list page of curated tennis rackets considering your personal preferences and playing style, you can find the perfect tennis racket that suits you best.

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What Type of Racket is Right for Me and Understanding Each Level:

1. Beginners Racket

  • Head Size: Opt for a larger head size for a more forgiving sweet spot, making it easier to connect with the ball. Any Tennis Racket over 100sq inches plus.

  • Weight: Choose a lightweight racket to facilitate easy swings and reduce fatigue during extended play

  • Power Racket Characteristics: Look for terms like "game improvement," "power-oriented," or "easy power."
  • 2. Intermediate Racket

  • Head Size: A moderate head size offers a balance of power and control, suitable for players refining their skills. Any Tennis Racket close to 100sq inches.

  • Weight: Consider a slightly heavier racket for improved stability and control.

  • Tweener Racket Characteristics: Look for terms like "all-around," "versatile," or "balanced performance."
  • 3. Advanced Racket

  • Head Size: Opt for a smaller head size to enhance control and precision. Any Tennis Racket over from 95sq inches to 100sq inches.

  • Weight: Advanced players may prefer a heavier racket for maximum control over shots.

  • Modern Player Racket Characteristics: Look for terms like "pro-level," "control-oriented," or "advanced performance."
  • Racket Terminology and Understanding what it means:

    We’ve broken down the terminology commonly used by the tennis racket brands and made it easier to understand how each group can be interpreted. Most tennis rackets tend to fit within a collection or group, which consist of Power Rackets, Control Rackets, Tweener Rackets and Modern Player Rackets. See which group you fit with in and then shop that collection.

    1. Power Rackets: Dominating the Court

    Power Rackets are engineered for players who thrive on explosive shots and want to maximize their impact on the ball. They typically have a large head size (107+ square inches) and are lightweight (less than 10.6 ounces). This combination allows for a larger sweet spot and less force required when striking the ball, making it easier for beginners to generate power and maintain control. Power rackets are head-heavy, meaning most of the weight is distributed towards the head, which further aids in power generation. Our Power Racket selection includes renowned brands like Wilson and Babolat, designed to let you deliver thunderous serves and commanding groundstrokes effortlessly.

    2. Control Rackets: Precision in Every Swing

    For players who prefer finesse over raw power, Control Rackets offer the precision needed to place the ball exactly where you want it. These rackets typically feature a smaller head size (98 square inches or less), are heavier (11.5 ounces or more), and are more evenly distributed balanced, providing enhanced control for your shots. Brands such as Head and Yonex showcase top-tier Control Rackets, allowing you to master the nuances of the game with surgical precision.

    3. Tweener Rackets: The Perfect Balance

    Tweener Rackets strike a balance between power and control, making them an ideal choice for intermediate players looking to refine their game. They typically have a mid-plus head size (99-106 square inches), weight between 10.6-11.5 ounces, and have even balance. Tweener rackets are popular due to their versatility and can be a great choice for a wide variety of players. Check out our selection from Tecnifibre and Prince to find the Tweener Racket that complements your evolving skills on the court.

    4. Modern Player Rackets: The Professional's Choice

    For advanced players seeking the pinnacle of performance, Modern Player Rackets deliver unmatched control and power. Often used by professional players, these rackets feature advanced technologies and premium materials. These rackets typically have a mid-plus head size and weigh around 11 ounces. Brands like Wilson, Head, Babolat and Dunlop excel in crafting Modern Player Rackets, providing the tools needed for you to dominate at the highest level of competition.

    How to Choose the Right Racket

  • Assess Your Playing Style: Consider whether you prefer power, control, or a balanced approach. This will guide you towards the appropriate category of racket.

  • Grip Size: Ensure the racket's grip size is comfortable for your hand. A proper grip minimizes the risk of injuries and enhances your overall playing experience.

  • Try Before You Buy: Whenever possible, test different rackets to get a feel for their overall performance. Pro:Direct Tennis provides a range of demo rackets to help you make an informed decision.Shop our Demo Rackets here

  • Consider String Pattern: The racket's string pattern influences playstyle. Open patterns offer more power, while closed patterns provide better control.

  • Brand Reputation:Stick to trusted brands known for quality and innovation. Pro:Direct Tennis stocks a variety of top-tier brands, ensuring you have a selection of reliable options.
  • At Pro:Direct Tennis, we believe that your tennis racket is an extension of your game, and choosing the right one is crucial for success on the court. Whether you're looking for Power, Control, a Tweener, or a Modern Player Racket, our curated selection ensures that you'll find the perfect match for your playing style. Elevate your game with the right racket and experience the joy of precision, power, and control in every swing.

    To open our Tennis Racket Finder, simply click on the tab to the far right of your screen, follow the questions and find your perfect Tennis Racket.

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