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Wilson Sporting Goods Company was founded in Chicago in 1913 by Thomas E. Wilson. Initially, the company focused on producing tennis racket strings.

Wilson entered the tennis racket market and began innovating with new materials and designs. They introduced the first steel tennis racket, revolutionizing the industry.

Wilson maintained a strong presence in professional tennis, with players like Serena Williams, Roger Federer, and  Stefanos Tsitsipas endorsing and using Wilson rackets. The brand consistently introduced advanced technologies, such as BLX and Countervail, to enhance performance

Wilson has left an indelible mark on tennis history, providing equipment that has been used by numerous Grand Slam champions. The distinctive red "W" logo is a symbol of quality and performance that resonates with tennis players worldwide.

Today, Wilson remains a trusted and iconic brand in the tennis community, continuing to push boundaries in racket technology and supporting players at all skill levels.

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Wilson Stringing Service

Experience the perfect string tension - Your path to precision performance


Choose your Wilson racket from our huge selection and your grip size


Your racket will then be strung by a member of our personalisation team


Add to basket and choose from standard or premium string and your desired tension


Stringing process complete and your racket is now ready to be dispatched


- Getting your racket strung has never been so simple. Select from our standard or premium string choices and choose your desired tension for free. We add an additional customisation fee of £10 - This is the cost for us to string your racket by our team of experts.

- How your racket’s strung can impact your play as much as the racket itself, so choosing what string will work best for you will help to fine-tune your performance.
- Standard strings are £20, Premium are £30, and you can choose any tension between 45lb and 60lb.

- Select a setup that works for you, and we’ll do the rest



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