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Driving The Game Forward Through Innovation

Founded in 1875 Babolat – for nearly 150 years Babolat have been innovating the game. Through new thinking, new ideas and new product they’ve advanced the game creating some of the best Tennis product on the planet.

Used by some of the world’s best players like Rafael Nadal, Dominic Thiem, Johanna Konta, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga amongst many, many more.

Explore Babolats latest releases, content and experience the innovation for yourself with our Demo Rackets or alternatively make your purchase straight through to our stocked Babolat rackets list. 


Pure Aero

Pure Aero

Specifically developed to produce maximum spin, the Pure Aero range features aerodynamic frames and open string patterns that put huge action on the ball.

Pure Drive

Pure Drive

Primed for explosive power, the Pure Drive series features big sweetspots and a crisp feel that makes hitting winners even more satisfying.

Pure Strike

Pure Strike

Pure Strike Designed for ultimate control, the Pure Strike range provides the stability and confidence you need to hit hard, accurate shots.

String ID Service

Select a standard or premium string and choose your tension for free.

We offer a personal stringing service to our customers, just like the pros. How your racket’s strung can impact your play as much as the racket itself, so choose from our range of Standard and Premium strings and fine-tune your performance.
Standard strings are £20, Premium are £30, and you can choose any tension between 45lb and 60lb. Select a setup that works for you, and we’ll do the rest

Stringing 1

Step 1.

Choose your racket online and the strings you would like

Stringing 2

Step 2.

We will then add your chosen string for you

Stringing 3

Step 3.

Stringing complete. Your racket is now ready to be dispatched

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