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Womens Clothing

Nike Womens Swoosh Fly Jacket - Smoke Grey/Black/Barely Volt

Smoke Grey/Black/Barely Volt
Save £33.60

Nike Womens Swoosh Fly Jacket - Smoke Grey/Black/Barely Volt

Celebrate the womens sport in environmentally friendly style with the Nike Womens Swoosh Fly Jacket, featuring mesh-lined panelling and memorable design for comfort and style.
The Nike Womens Swoosh Fly Jacket in Smoke Grey, Black and Barely Volt is made with soft woven panelling and full mesh lining, helping ensure comfort and breathability whatever you’re doing. Piping lines and Fly graphic are inspired by the AF3 ad’s from the 1980s, celebrating the growing female contribution and presence in basketball over the years. With at least 75% recycled polyester materials, this jacket has an eye for environmental awareness too.


• The "Fly" logo is inspired by a Nike Air Force 3 advertisement from the '80s with the headline: "Who Said Woman Was Not Meant To Fly." Looking back, it was one of Nike's groundbreaking moments that celebrated and validated women basketball players.
• Woven polyester fabric panels are pieced together a