Leather Football Boots

Leather football boots deliver exceptional comfort and that traditional feel when striking the ball. The rise of alternative lightweight materials has seen leather boots become less dominant on pitches but they’re still widely regarded as the most comfortable and durable option on the market.


Synthetic Football Boots

Synthetic football boots are much lighter than leather football boots and are typically reserved for speed boots. The demand for lighter options saw the rise of synthetic boots, which feature thinner uppers to bring players closer to the ball. Synthetic football boots such as the adidas X Ghosted+ also have the added bonus of being easier to clean thanks to their smooth exterior.


Knitted Football Boots

Opening the door to a new era of laceless boots, knitted football boots offer a softer feel in comparison to synthetic options while keeping weight and excess materials to a minimum. All knitted football boots are finished with a secondary material to ensure durability and in turn have become one of the most popular options on the market thanks to the Nike Mercurial and adidas Predator series amongst others.


Laceless Football Boots

Laceless football boots offer a slip-on but snug feel for players. Once locked in, the boots feature the cleanest of striking zones thanks to the absence of laces and are popular with a number of professional players who prefer that seamless and uninterrupted feel.