How should football boots fit?

Football boots nowadays are built true to size. I.E if you’re normally a size 8 then buy a size 8. But, there are a few things to consider that may conflict this. More and more players these days are wearing alternative socks to their football socks which may be thicker than your usual sock, so if you tend to be between sizes we’d recommend going for the half size up. Remember that football is intense and you’ll be changing direction at speed so could do without your toes bruising from pressing too tightly against the front of the boot when stopping firmly. If you’re one of these people who says they’re normally an 8 but sometimes an 8.5 then go for the bigger size.
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Do Football Boots Run True to size?

As mentioned above, Nike, adidas and all the major football boot brands fit true to size. the days of brands being slightly different sizes are gone. If you’re an 8 and wear normal football socks and you’re confident your feet aren’t extra wide or extra narrow for the specific silo then go true to size, it’s always the safest bet.
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How tight should football boots be?

As with the ‘Half a size bigger’ rule, some players like to wear the thinest sock possible to potentially feel more nimble in a smaller boot. This is down to personal preference. Some players like the tightest fit possible, some like a little bit more comfort.
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Which Football Boots are Best for Wide Feet?

Some specific football boot silos are built for narrower or wider feet. As a rule of thumb we’d avoid ‘speed’ category boots if your feet are wide as these boots tend to be streamline and narrow. We’d also advise that knitted and leather boots are more accommodating to wider feet than synthetic. If your feet are on the narrower side you may also favour a laced boot over a laceless one just to get that fit perfected.
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It’s incredibly important to know your correct size before ordering a boots with personalisation on them. If you’re adding a name, number or flag to your boots at the checkout then you must be completely certain that they’re going to fit as once they’re personalised they can’t be returned and the market for finding someone half a size smaller with the same initials, squad number and nationality as you, who also likes pink boots will be… slim… at best.
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