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New Primeknit Skin Upper

The X Speedflow features a tweak in materials from the X Ghosted series. What we’ve got now is a premium band material optimised for a lightweight and supreme adaptive fit experience. Ok, they’re the words of adidas, but in reality we’ve been blessed with a upper that feels less stiff, softer and is far easier to slip in and out of.

New Engineered Agilitycage

That sounds impressive doesn’t it? And it is to be fair. The X Speedflow offers maximum support during explosive changes of direction through a laser cut TPU cage in the interior of the boot which purposefully re-enforces the Primeknit Skin from the inside. In short, the exterior is lightweight, flexible and soft, but inside the Agilitycage acts as a seatbelt to keep the foot locked in at high speed and changes of direction.

Laced or Laceless?


As always adidas will be releasing the X Speedflow in a variation of options. The laceless Speedflow X+ will be the poster-boy of the collection but the majority of players tend to opt for the laced .1 edition which offers a more traditional look and feel. You’ll also be able shop different price points that also include a laceless .3 

Carbon Fibre Speedframe

As with the previous X Ghosted generation, the new X Speedflow uses an ultra lightweight construction with Carbitex Carbon Fibre inserted into the forefront to allow for explosive propulsion and more efficient power transmission when accelerating. That first push off into a sprint can be the fine line between getting to a ball first or second, and the X Speedflow provides that platform for pace from the first push.

New Silhouette

The X Speedflow takes a step towards the iconic F50 adizero boots when it comes to the shape of the silo. An extended tongue construction not only allows for easy entry, but offer a more natural locked in feel and an overall (in our opinion) aesthetically pleasing shape.

Shop the full adidas X Speedflow football boots collection here.

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