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Whenever a next-generation boot from a long standing series comes out, we all want to know how it’s better than its predecessor. Of course, visuals will come into the thought process when we’re looking to upgrade, but what we really want to know is simple. Is this boot better than the last one?


The adidas Predator series stirs up conversation more than any other boot when it comes to technologies. The series is built for control, power and accuracy using all the latest innovations the Three Stripes have to offer. While the upgrade from Predator Mutator to Freak was minimal, the dramatic shift in design to the Predator Edge is far more obvious – so how does the new Predator Edge compare to the previous Predator Freak? Time to take a closer look.

The Trademark Control Tech


This is what makes a Predator, a Predator. After years of extensive research and testing at Loughborough University, adidas have proven the vamped rubber zones on the Predator Edge to be more effective at controlling, curling and striking the ball than the previous rubber spikes found on the Predator Freak. Each panel of rubber is strategically placed on the boot at a specific angle to boost power, increase swerve and aid first touch. While the rubber spikes of the Freak did offer a benefit in those areas, the Predator Edge does it far more efficiently.

The Soleplates


Traction wise, you probably aren’t going to notice too much difference between the two boots. The Predator Freak offered perfect traction for changing direction at speed and stability for your standing foot, but the soleplate of the Edge is updated. A FACET FRAME actually uses a weighted forefoot piece that redistributes weight toward the form of the boot for an added bit of power when shooting.

The Collars


The Predator Edge takes on a For The Players mantra. Player feedback has played a huge part in shaping the look of this new generation Predator and that’s evident with the collar. If we take the two Predator+ laceless boots we can see that the Predator Edge has a much more traditional silhouette than the Predator Freak’s slightly more intimidating design. Naturally the height of the Freak collar made the .1 low editions more popular on pitch – the redesigned Edge collar may look more inviting for players who want a locked in fit without psychologically feeling too restricted by a large collar.

Aesthetic Battle


There’s no questioning that both boots are coated in aggressive Predator DNA. The ball control technology dominates the overall look of both boots, but another key visual difference is that three stripes have shifted to the heel of the Predator Edge. Not sure on the launch colourway? Watch them grow on you when adidas begin to pull out the paint brushes.

Side-By-Side Silhouettes


When you pair the boots up from this angle you can see that the Predator Edge has been packaged up and condensed into a more streamlined yet more powerful design. This is a cut that we reckon players will feel more at home in. The Predator Edge is easy to slip in too, yet locks your foot in, in a harnessed and caressed manner as the boot aims to feel part of your foot rather something it simply sits inside of.


Now you’ve got a decision to make. Shop the full adidas Predator football boots collection here.