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There’s a new option in the Nike boot line-up as we head into the 2023/24 season as the Swoosh unveil the Phantom Luna football boots that will offer players new technology centred around improved agility. 

The Phantom Luna drops as Nike’s most researched and innovative women’s-led football boot design in Swoosh history, but gents don’t switch off on that because the Phantom Luna technology is built to benefit male players too, and is available in a full run of female and male sizes.

As with all new football boot series there will be questions by players to understand who it’s for, what it does and if it’s worthy of you making the switch to it. So we’re here to provide the answers. Let’s go…

So, it’s a female-led football boot design?

Yep, that’s right. The boot design is “Led by her, For all” – which means Nike put her at the centre of the process in the design of this product to understand what female players look for in a boot and how those technologies can also benefit the men’s game. The Phantom Luna is inspired, built, and tested by female footballers, and crafted for agility and precision on pitch. It’s available in both women’s and men’s sizes.


What are the key technologies on the Phantom Luna?


The key addition on the Phantom Luna football boots is the new Cyclone 360 soleplate that allows you to make quick and precise cuts when it matters most. Think about receiving the ball under pressure, using quick feet to turn on the spot and get out of danger before making your pass. The Cyclone 360 soleplate, which was previously used on the Phantom VSN I & II boots, is built for you to move easily in and direction at speed while maintaining balance and control. Optimum traction and optimum freedom of movement.


The ASYM FIT uses an anatomically angled collar andincreased midfoot adjustability to forge a snug fit that feelslike an extension of your foot. The higher collar increases lockdown to reduce rotational traction at the knee – for both women and men – and easing the pressure when turning on pitch.


Asymmetric construction is used on the heel of the boot as per the Phantom GX to increase comfort earlier and less breaking in time, and the elite version also feature a one-piece knit for seamless, uninterrupted fit and feel. Nike GripKnit technology is also present to aid touch and control on the ball.

What makes it different to the Phantom GX?

The key difference on the Phantom Luna is the collar construction that combines with the Cyclone 360 soleplate – this makes the Luna more intricate and agile than the Phantom GX. 

The Phantom Luna is all about making short sharp movements in tight spaces on the pitch – to maximise agility, keep you on your feet & on the ball and ease the pressure on the turn, while the Phantom GX is centred around power and precision.

When will it be worn?

The Nike Phantom Luna football boots come to market just in time for the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand where you can expect to see a large number of female players switching into the boots. You’ll also see a number of male professional players take on the Phantom Luna when they return to pre-season.

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