If you’ve got a Ferrari with poor tyres, you ain’t winning any races. Nike Anti-Clog football boots use a clever technology on the soleplate to prevent mud from sticking to the soles of your boots, minimising any excess weight in the form of mud while dramatically reducing your chances of slipping, and here’s how.
The soleplate of Nike Anti-Clog football boots uses an adaptive polymer layer that is activated when exposed to water. The layer becomes wet and stops mud gripping to the boots. You can splash some water on your soles before you step onto the pitch or naturally, if you’re playing on a wet pitch, the technology will be activated immediately. You can feel the difference with your fingers – when dry the sole feels a bit rubbery, but when it’s wet it feels slippery to touch and you can see how it works.
So why didn’t this mark the end of normal SG soleplates? Fair question. This technology is Nike exclusive, and while Nike have developed it since it first launched in 2016, it is still slightly stiffer than a normal Nike SG soleplate. So both options are still needed. If you’re regularly playing on heavy pitches then Anti-Clog is probably the best option. If your pitches are pristine and professional level then you’d probably favour your standard SG football boots.
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