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For Mercurial, speed is always king. There’s no slow. There’s only fast, faster and fastest. So once you’ve selected the Mercurial as your boot of choice and decided on colourway, it’s time to select your level. The Mercurial Superfly (and Vapor) is broken down into 4 levels – at the bottom of the price structure you’ve got ‘Club’ and at the top you’ve got ‘Elite’ which is worn by Nike’s professional players. Here we’ll break down the benefits of each level and explain the technology differences and game enhancing advancements as you race up to elite.

Nike Mercurial Superfly VIII Club


The Club edition is Nike’s entry level Mercurial. For players looking for that authentic Mercurial look but at a lower price point then the Club level is perfect. This is a stripped back version of the boot built to deliver the basic DNA of the lightweight and fast natured play that the Mercurial series is renown for. A few grams heavier than the other editions but the Club level still provides comfort and stability thanks to its synthetic upper and grippy texture to help ball control.

Price level on launch: £60. Shop all Nike Mercurial Club Football Boots here.

Nike Mercurial Superfly VIII Academy


Make the upgrade to the Academy edition and you’ll find a lighter boot than Club level and a boot that features a stiffer internal chassis to help you explode off the mark, complemented by a next-gen soleplate that enhances speed and reduces excess weight. The upper material remains the same, however a more dynamic visual is introduced to take it a step closer to the Elite aesthetic.

Price level on launch: £80. Shop all Nike Mercurial Academy Football Boots here.

Nike Mercurial Superfly VIII Pro


Level up to the Nike Mercurial Superfly VIII Pro and you’ll see a significant change in materials used on the upper. A Flyknit Dynamic Fit Collar is introduced for a much more locked in feel on the collar, while a coated synthetic mesh upper combines with a TPU soleplate for a lighter, more premium feel than the Academy edition.

Price level on launch: £130. Shop all Nike Mercurial Pro Football Boots here.

Nike Mercurial Superfly VIII Elite


Nike’s most technologically advanced Mercurial to date. The same spec worn by the likes of Ronaldo and Mbappé. The Elite edition uses a multi-layered Vaporposite upper combining microfibre lining with engineered mesh for the perfect blend of flexibility, feel and breathability. In an upgrade from the Pro edition, the Elite uses a speedband for lockdown, lighter harnessed Dynamic Fit Collar, Nike Grip Insole for enhanced fit and a Nike Aerotrack 2 soleplate to once again minimise weight and offer explosive acceleration. Price level on launch: £230.