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Welcome to the World’s Largest Bootroom at Pro:Direct Soccer – the home of choice when it comes to kids’ football boots. There are many things to consider when you’re shopping for children’s football boots and we’re here to help you find the perfect pair for the little baller in your life.

Check out our Kids’ Football Boot Buying Guide below and then browse all kids’ football boots by brand, size, price-points and ground type in our online store


Which Ground Type Should I Buy?

This is answered by what type of surface the child will be playing on. Different brands will use different labels but the below explainer will help you decide which ground type you’ll needn’t:

MG – Multi-Ground:

These boots are perfect for firm grass pitches and astro-turf pitches. More studs offer better stability on harder surfaces by distributing weight more evenly.

SG – Soft Ground:

This soleplate is used when the grass pitch is wet and a little softer than usual to increase stability and prevent slipping.

IC – Indoor Court:

This is the option for players playing in indoor court pitches. The soleplate is designed to be non-marking and non-slip.

AG – Artificial Grass:

Essentially the same as MG above but different brands use different labels. These boots are perfect for astro pitches or hard grass pitches.

FG – Firm Ground:

The soleplate is designed for use on normal grass pitches. The most popular soleplate.

TF – Turf:

Players will wear Turf shoes on artificial grass pitches or on concrete surfaces such as playgrounds.

Should I Buy Laced or Laceless?

Many kids’ boots are now available in a choice of laces or laceless. Naturally the laceless boots will be an option for little ones yet to tie their laces, but the main reason for laceless boots is purely a choice of fit – some players prefer a more snug, laceless fit whilst others prefer an adjustable fit with laces. This option is available for adults and kids.

What Size Kids’ Football Boots Should I Buy?

Each brand will have a slightly different sizing guide when it comes to kids’ boots. But ensure that you take into consideration that the player will be wearing a thicker football sock. It's common for parents to buy kids' boots half a size bigger than their regular size to allow a little bit of room for growth. Remember, we offer free returns on kids boots so you can always order a couple of different sizes to try on should you wish to. However, we cannot accept returns on personalised boots, so if you want to add a number, name or flag then make sure you've got the right size.

How Long Do Football Boots Last?

Football boots are built to last 1-2 seasons in terms of durability, but kids’ feet can grow half a size in just 3-4 months so it’s worth checking the fit regularly to see when it’s time to move up a size. The durability will also depend on how frequently the kid plays and how well they look after the boots.

How Much Should I Spend?

You’ll see that the same boot can be available in a range of different price points. The price difference is down to the materials used on the boots. We cater to all budgets across all brands but how much you spend can come down to a number of options including budget and how often your kid plays. Kids’ who play regularly and play competitively mat often shop towards a high end of the price scale to prolong durability and performance.

 Do You Offer Free Returns on Kids’ Boots?

Yes. If your kids’ boots don’t fit then you can send them back for free and we can exchange them for the correct size. We also offer free delivery* and free personalisation on kids’ boots.

When Should I Replace Football Boots?

All boots should last a season or longer if they’re looked after properly. Ensure you’re cleaning them regularly and wearing them on the correct surfaces to maximise their life. If your kid outgrows the boots they’ll need to be replaced asap to prevent injury, but also look out for worn-out soles, and other signs of wear and tear that could indicate a new pair is needed.

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