What Are Nike Elite Football Boots?

Nike Elite football boots are Nike’s highest level of football boots. These are the boots that are supplied to the brand’s contracted professional players and are the most expensive level of football boots the brand offer to market. Why? Because Elite football boots use the most innovative and highest quality technologies and materials. Elite boots are the most popular choice for any player playing regularly.

When it comes to budget, expect to find brand new Nike Elite football boots from £190 to £250 depending on the model and sole plate choice. While that might initially sound expensive, remember you're getting the peak of Swoosh innovation and performance in return for parting with your hard earned.  

What Are Nike Pro Football Boots?

Nike Pro football boots are Nike’s second level of price point. Nike Pro football boots are typically half the price of Elite level boots and although Pro boots share some of the leading technologies with Elite boots, there will be some features of the boot where a more basic variation of material is used, albeit still executed to a very high standard. 

When it comes to costs, new Nike Pro football boots range from £90 to £125 again depending on the model and sole plate you're choosing. Remember this level of boot offers a high level of quality for players who play regularly but are looking to stay within a budget.

What Are Nike Academy Football Boots?

Nike Academy football boots are the third level of football boots that Nike offer. Once again they’re typically cheaper than level above (Pro, in this case) so expect to pick these up for between £70 to £90. Using more basic technologies and materials on the upper and soleplate at this level, but all the levels of Nike football boots share the same aesthetic for each colourway to ensure that every level boasts that authentic Nike Football look on pitch.

What Are Nike Club Football Boots?

Nike Club football boots are Nike’s fourth level of football boots. This is the cheapest version of Nike football boot on the market and is typically half the price of the level above, expect to pick up a pair for around £30 - £50 depending on model and sole plate. Nike have perfected their design to the point where Club level boots look exactly like the Elite level boots from a distance, while using more basic versions of the technologies to keep the price down. Perfect for players on a budget who want to maintain that famous Nike look and feel.
Just like Nike, adidas football boots follow their own similar football boot levels structure. Different levels provide different price points and different technologies and materials to suit the needs of different players. Unlike Nike, adidas actually offer two ‘Elite’ levels as explained below.

What are adidas .1 Football Boots?

Adidas .1 football boots are also the brand’s highest level of boot. The only difference to the ‘+’ editions is that the .1 versions have laces, rather than the laceless technology. The laceless versions are more expensive, purely because the tech is costlier to produce. The decision between + and .1 is purely down to preference rather than a decision on quality. For the .1 laced choices, expect to find these around £160 - £190 again depending on your model preference. 

What are adidas .3 Football Boots?

Adidas .3 football boots are offered up in two variations depending on silo. You’ll quite often see .3 or .3 Laceless to choose from. As with the .1 vs + decision this is a question of preference and are designed to offer players a feel of laceless technology at a cheaper price point. As a budget, the .3 styles sit around the £60 - £80 range making them perfect bang for your buck.  A popular grass roots level football boot for the casual player.

What are adidas .4 Football Boots?

Adidas .4 football boots are the most affordable versions of the adidas level system. Find these for around £30 - £40 but remember it goes without saying that any level of adidas football boot will carry that heralded adidas stamp of quality and durability - the .4 is no different. The .4 series offers a boot that will be a little heavier than the top levels due to the changes in materials but is still a solid choice if you're a fan of the three stripes.
Each brand will have their own level system where the above steps apply to each level. PUMA range from 1.2 to 4.2 on the Ultra series, 6.1 to 6.3 on the Future, and Platinum, Pro & Hero on the King. Other brands will label their levels in their own unique ways but if you’re in doubt; just pick your size, ground type and then follow the price points to see your level options.
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