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With a brand new adidas Predator series comes anticipation, hype and pressure. One of the most iconic football boots of all time, the Predator is renown for genuine accuracy, power and touch innovations and with that comes expectation to perform. When you open the box of a brand new Predator for the first time it should give you that urge to grab a bag of balls, set up camp on the edge of the box, and launch an assault on the top corner. If it doesn’t? Well, it just ain’t Predator enough.

For 2023, it’s time to meet the adidas Predator Accuracy football boots – upgraded and armed with next-generation shooting capabilities all built on top of a lighter, more streamlined Predator model.

Before we get into our 7 things, check out our challenge review of the new adidas Predator Accuracy football boots as the lads put the new technologies through their paces in a search of perfect power, touch, accuracy and traction.