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With a brand new adidas Predator series comes anticipation, hype and pressure. One of the most iconic football boots of all time, the Predator is renown for genuine accuracy, power and touch innovations and with that comes expectation to perform. When you open the box of a brand new Predator for the first time it should give you that urge to grab a bag of balls, set up camp on the edge of the box, and launch an assault on the top corner. If it doesn’t? Well, it just ain’t Predator enough.

For 2023, it’s time to meet the adidas Predator Accuracy football boots – upgraded and armed with next-generation shooting capabilities all built on top of a lighter, more streamlined Predator model.

Before we get into our 7 things, check out our challenge review of the new adidas Predator Accuracy football boots as the lads put the new technologies through their paces in a search of perfect power, touch, accuracy and traction.

1. Miss Nothing

A catchy slogan for the new boot but one that is backed up by the brand. The adidas Predator Accuracy football boots are designed with the sole purpose of being bang on target. Everything about the next-generation build is centred around hitting your target with power and with accuracy. Get the ball out of your feet and hit your spot – the boots work with your natural technique to enhance spin, power and accuracy.

2. Lighter Design

The adidas Predator Accuracy is lighter than the previous Predator Edge series thanks to the soft hybrid touch vamp material which provides a moulded fit and soft touch on the ball. The overall silhouette has been slimmed down as adidas aim to deliver a Predator boot that carries weight in front of goal but stays sharp all over the pitch.

3. Shoot on Sight

High definition grip is placed precisely along the upper to add that injection or power or spin when striking at goal. This is the trademark technology of the Predator series and is an evolution of the rubber fins we’ve seen across every generation of the boot since it first took to pitches in 1994. While the lightweight nature ensures the boot is agile and fast.

4. Added Power

The new Facet Frame delivers stability and dynamic traction to support movement on pitch – this will keep you light on your toes when finding space to receive ball and offer you the traction needed on your standing foot when striking the ball. The Power Facet is another impressive piece of Predator technology in that it redistributes weight towards the front of the boot, optimising power transfer when striking the ball. It’s the silver piece near the toe area and it acts like a pendulum to add extra power behind you shots.

5. Laced or Laceless

The adidas Predator Accuracy football boots are launched in a choice of 3 elite options. The laceless edition, the collared but laced version and finally the low-cut laced silhouette, all wrapped up in a fresh and aggressive aesthetic for 2023. The full collection will also be available in a choice of price-points and ground types.

6. Choose Your Flavour

The adidas Predator Accuracy launches in a choice of three colourways. The main 'Own Your Football' pack with the splash of pink will be worn on pitch by all contracted Predator players, the Pearlized Pack is the complete whiteout version, and the all black colourway lands as the Nightstrike edition.

7. Shop The Full 'Own Your Football' Pack

The adidas Predator Accuracy is joined by a corresponding version of the adidas X Speedportal and adidas COPA Pure as the brand roll out their first on-pitch collection of 2023. You can expect to see the likes of Jude Bellingham, Pedri and Paul Pogba in the new Predator for games across domestic and international fixtures.

Shop the full adidas Predator Accuracy football boots collection here.