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The PUMA King series has done it all and won it all, it’s a true footballing icon rich in heritage, but football and innovation within the game has progressed at a rapid rate. So when PUMA told us they were bring the King back to elite pitches, back where it belongs, we were keen to see how that would shape up. The answer? Beautifully.

Respecting and embracing the DNA of the what made this boot so iconic whilst simultaneously upgrading it to meet the demands of modern day football on the elite stage is one incredibly difficult challenge, but PUMA have nailed it. We welcome the young king to the throne in a stunning design with a whole host of new technologies.

When you think of PUMA King you think leather boots, big fold over tongue. Worn by legendary players, yes, but also a boot that might lack a bit of identity to younger players. What is it? Who is it for? In 2023, the PUMA King Ultimate is lightweight comfort and cushioned touch, it's a boot for the sophisticated player, understated, respected in the changing room for their class on and off the pitch, never any need to make it all about them, probably the best dressed on a night out, you know the one.

Consider it a direct rival to the Nike Tiempo and adidas COPA series. The King has entered the battle, and when you come for the King you best not miss. Here are 5 things you need to know about this landmark release…

1. It Isn't Leather

*Gasps* Alright, settle down. Let us explain. PUMA are hot on the sustainability trail but that’s not the only reason why this is the first non-leather King – this is K-Better. The upper is made from a new technology that looks, feels and plays like leather, it has everything but the smell, AND it’s 10x more durable, twice as stretchy and 30% thinner to heighten feel on the ball. The upper is recycled from industrial waste and has all the same softness benefits as leather.

2. Streamlined Design

This younger, fitter, stronger King is match ready. It’s lighter, more streamlined and fit for performance at the very elite of the game. The PUMA King had a few seasons positioned as a traditional option for grassroots football but PUMA will place this King (touch) next to the Future (control) and Ultra (speed) – all the elite version are labelled King, Future or Ultra ‘Ultimate' – which provides some clarity on which are the top end PUMA boots.

3. As Seen On Pitch


This is the big one for us. PUMA officially now have a 3 silo on pitch collection as the King is back on the top table with the Nike Tiempo and adidas COPA Pure. That’s the sort of calibre of player who will wear King – players who appreciate first touch, comfort and lightweight attributes. Premier League wise you’re looking at Arsenal duo Granit Xhaka and Oleksandr Zinchenko as well as Man United youngster Zidane Iqbal, but you can expect more to follow in the coming weeks.


PUMA have completely modernised the King but have still managed to make it look like a King. This is a beautifully executed modernisation of a boot that has proud history in the game and one that will appeal to new and loyal fanbases of the King. The smart two-tone colourway keeps it clinical and classy, and the long PUMA Formstripe branding makes it instantly King.  Built for a new generation of baller, it’s time for the young Kings to step up, show their class on pitch and write their names into a cultured and famous King history.

5. Take Your Pick

The new generation PUMA King is available in a choice of price points and ground types. The men’s and women’s King UItimate are the top price point with all the tech that the pro players will wear, while the King Pro and King Match shed the tech as they do the pounds if you’re balling on a budget but still want that authentic King look and feel.

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