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Womens Shoes

On Womens Cloudstratus

Save £15.00

On Womens Cloudstratus

A supportive shoe with exceptional comfort, the On Women’s Cloudstratus in Marina/Magnet is the first shoe to feature connected CloudTec layers for supreme cushioning.
The On Women’s Cloudstratus is designed to take on any distance in comfort and offers a just right level of support letting you go the distance. The open CloudTec construction in the midsole has two layers of linked pods designed to partially collapse under impact, for next level cushioning. The foam used is Helion superfoam that provides a highly responsive ride and masses of energy return so that you can keep striding out for longer. The upper has also been tweaked for improved comfort, with a wider forefoot, improved heel hold, and a redefined inner sock construction, for step in comfort.


If running on CloudTec feels like running on clouds, then running on two layers of CloudTec must feel like you’re floating through the air, right? It’s a simple piece of logic, and it works for the maximally cushioned On Cloudstratus. Offering a supportive fit, the comfort-focused Cloudstratus makes the most of distances from 5K to marathon.

Extra Cushioning

Indulge your feet with the luxurious comfort of these shoes, which are equipped with extra cushioning to provide an incredibly plush and responsive experience. Designed to alleviate impact and enhance shock absorption, the added cushioning offers exceptional support and comfort during your runs or walks. Every step is enhanced with a soft, pillowy feel, reducing the strain on your joints and feet. Whether you're tackling long distances or seeking ultimate comfort for everyday wear, these shoes ensure a cloud-like sensation that keeps you feeling energised and protected. Embrace the extraordinary cushioning provided by these shoes, and step into a world of unrivaled comfort.


Set up in Switzerland in 2010 with a mission to create the perfect running sensation, On bring an immediately recognisable concept to the market.
Their distinctive CloudTec cushioning – the series of visible “clouds” underfoot that compress both horizontally and vertically during impact – provides the holy grail of running shoes: a cushioned landing and a firm, explosive take-off.
Above the clouds sits the other key component of On’s success, the Speedboard. Flexing and unflexing as you transition from strike to take-off, the liquid-injected plate works with CloudTec to maximise energy efficiency, giving a truly unique running experience that feels great and reduces muscle fatigue.
It’s scientifically proven too: in a 2011 study, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology demonstrated that runners wearing On had significantly lower pulse rates and lower blood lactate levels. Take the plunge, you might not go back.


This shoe is a neutral running shoe, ideal for runners with a natural gait or mild underpronation. It's designed to offer cushioning and flexibility without additional stability or motion control features found in structured shoes. The midsole is made with lightweight, responsive materials, providing a good balance between cushioning and ground feel. It allows your foot to move more freely, following its natural motion during each stride. The upper provides a comfortable, snug fit without constraining your foot. If you have a natural gait and seek a shoe that combines cushioning, comfort, and freedom of movement, this neutral running shoe is for you.


• Weight: 248g (8.7oz)
• Offset: 8mm
• Connected CloudTec layers
• 75% of the polyester content, and 20% of the entire shoe, is from recycled materials.
• Speedboard made from polypropylene, designed to drive you forward.
• Outsole uses rubber grip compound for traction on the road.
• Midsole Helion superfoam

Additional Information

  • Quick Ref: 251580
  • Man. Ref: W39.99209

Road Running

It might say road, but we don’t just mean pounding closed-off streets on race day. Road shoes are predominantly for the pavement.

They feature flat rubber traction for confident footing in the city and enhanced cushioning to soak up the strain of every stride.

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Best for Everyday Mileage

To cope with all the miles you run, shoes for everyday mileage are built to last.

Thicker rubber on the outsole withstands huge amounts of pavement pounding, and a thicker, more durable upper also helps to improve longevity.

The other priority is comfort, with soft materials around the entrance and midsole foams designed to cushion, feel great, and last.


Because of the extra protection, daily mileage shoes tend to be heavier than their race day and tempo counterparts.