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Womens Shoes

Mizuno Womens Wave Rider 25
French Blue / Indigo White / Diva Pink

Save £78.00

Mizuno Womens Wave Rider 25

25 years in the making the Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 25 in French Blue/Indigo White/Diva Pink updates their flagship neutral daily runner with a fresh new upper, and even more ultra-responsive Enerzy in the midsole.
The Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 25 is a comfortable daily runner that provides a stable and smooth transition as well as high levels of cushioning and energy return. It uses a new double jacquard engineered mesh upper that is designed to have a super smooth fit with no points of irritation. An original design allows for two colour combinations in the breathable air mesh giving additional depth to the design. Flexible mesh stretches to fit the foot, while a gusset tongue offers a snug hold and keeps the tongue in place. A mesh board made from U4ICX foam lowers weight and offers a softer contact with the midsole. The updated midsole now uses Enerzy foam above and below the wave plate, providing 17% extra cushioning, and 15% more energy return than the previous version. The Wave plate provides additional medial stability, providing a soft, yet secure experience. Durable X10 rubber is targeted to high wear areas in the outsole for a long-lasting finish with reduced weight.

Wave Rider

Born in the 90s and loved ever since thanks to its smooth ride, the Mizuno Wave Rider is a comfortable daily runner that’s had the time to be perfected. A touch of extra stability from the Wave Plate and a cushioned, comfortable feel make these ideal for long runs.

Regular Cushioning

Regular cushioning offers a blend of lightness, comfort, and ground feel. Popular for shorter distance racing as well as training and daily mileage running, the lower stack of midsole foam offers inherent stability and a lighter feel on your foot when compared to max-stack shoes.


With a history stretching back to 1906, Mizuno started out making baseball uniforms, but their move into running has resulted in some of the most popular and most revered shoes around. They’re built on their five brand values: Trustworthy, Innovative, Performance, Inspiring, Passionate.

The flagship Wave Rider has more than a quarter of a century of tweaks, innovations, and improvements behind it, and that word Wave is one you’ll come across often in the Mizuno catalogue. 

A Pebax material with crests and troughs like ripples on the ocean, Wave technology can flex toe to heel but provides stability laterally. Compressing to absorb impact, it proceeds to transfer energy back through the stride for a unique sensation that deserves to be experienced by every runner.


This shoe is a neutral running shoe, ideal for runners with a natural gait or mild underpronation. It's designed to offer cushioning and flexibility without additional stability or motion control features found in structured shoes. The midsole is made with lightweight, responsive materials, providing a good balance between cushioning and ground feel. It allows your foot to move more freely, following its natural motion during each stride. The upper provides a comfortable, snug fit without constraining your foot. If you have a natural gait and seek a shoe that combines cushioning, comfort, and freedom of movement, this neutral running shoe is for you.


• Double Jacquard engineered mesh upper
• Gusset tongue construction
• U4ICX Mesh strobble board
• Recycled lining mesh, shoelaces and bio-based nylon materials
• Miznuo Enerzy midsole
• Bio Pebax wave plate
• X10 Durable rubber targeted outsole
• Extended cushioning hole for improved cushioning
• Connected forefoot rubber provides increased propulsion

Additional Information

  • Quick Ref: 239834
  • Man. Ref: J1GD2103-87

Road Running

It might say road, but we don’t just mean pounding closed-off streets on race day. Road shoes are predominantly for the pavement.

They feature flat rubber traction for confident footing in the city and enhanced cushioning to soak up the strain of every stride.

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Best for Everyday Mileage

To cope with all the miles you run, shoes for everyday mileage are built to last.

Thicker rubber on the outsole withstands huge amounts of pavement pounding, and a thicker, more durable upper also helps to improve longevity.

The other priority is comfort, with soft materials around the entrance and midsole foams designed to cushion, feel great, and last.


Because of the extra protection, daily mileage shoes tend to be heavier than their race day and tempo counterparts.