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The Best Marathon Shoes for Beginners

I’m sure most people reading this will have heard all about the craze of beefed-up carbon plated super shoes flooding the market. However, these shoes can be very aggressive and take some time to get used to.

If this is your first rodeo and you’re simply looking to complete the distance as comfortably as possible, here are some cracking options that fit the bill!

The Best Max Cushion Marathon Running Shoes

Less is not always more when it comes to running shoes, especially if you’re hoping to complete the Marathon in relative comfort!

What certain max cushioned shoes may gain in physical weight, they’ll often more than make up for in beautifully plush leg protective cushioning.

If you’re a fan of a soft underfoot experience, the following options may be for you.

The Best for Support

We can’t all effortlessly gallop down the road at 2:50/km pace like Kipchoge but with the right shoe choice, it can feel like we are!

Need a little extra support for your stride? No problem. Support shoes will often feature a firmer density material in the way of a medial posting to help guide you smoothly and stably through your gait cycle.

If dedicated stability characteristics are what you’re after, check out some of the options listed below to whet your appetite.

The Best Non-Carbon Plate Marathon Shoes

The verdict is out and all current research leans towards the efficiency gains from carbon fibre plated shoes to optimise your race day. However, this comes at a price which can be tough to stomach for all but the most performance focussed runners.

Luckily, there are plenty of significantly more wallet friendly offerings which will still have you smiling through the miles. Here’s a few of our favourites!

The Best Carbon Plated Marathon Shoes

The pièce de résistance of modern day road racing. These days its tough for athletes to truly be competitive over the longer distance events without a reputable carbon plated racing shoe on foot.

In simple terms, the way an S curve carbon infused plate works in conjunction with a soft, yet high rebound foam is what provides that sensational feeling of propulsion we’ve come to know and love.

A market once monopolised by the Vaporfly is now a sea of diverse, highly innovative offerings. The shoes listed below are just a few of our top picks.

The Best Trail Marathon Shoes

If the lure of an off road marathon is too much to refuse, you’re going to need something to tackle the terrain.

The trail shoes in this list all feature significant cushioning to keep you feeling fresh on hard packed paths, with sufficient traction for whatever mother nature throws at you.

Thus concludes our guide to marathon shoes for every type of run and any type of runner! Remember, for more options, you can always try our comprehensive Shoe Finder tool.

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