Sometimes we can be itching to get out of the door and get running as soon as we can and often we don’t consider warming up our muscles before getting started. Particularly before those higher intensity sessions, activating some of the key muscle groups can really help improve those runs.

For the most part, warming-up doesn’t need to take a huge amount of time and Lillie has given us her top 5 warm-up exercises that you can complete in less than 5 minutes. That’s got to be worth it?!

Watch the video below as Lillie takes us through each exercise and explains the benefits of adding these to your run routine.

1. Abductor raises
how to warm up before running

Whilst we mainly use the sagittal plane - think forwards and backward - for running, it's also really important we work our frontal plane - side to side - in order to ensure the stability of our form. Abductor raises are a great way to warm up the muscle which forms part of your outer glute.

2. Walking lunges

how to warm up before running

Working your quads, hamstrings, and core, walking lunges are a great way to warm up the lower body whilst imitating the upper body swing which occurs during running. By warming the core, we ensure it's more activated before heading out meaning less energy wastage on your run and more energy for the legs.

3. Spiderman lunges

how to warm up before running

Opening up your groin, lower back, hamstrings, and hip flexors, spiderman lunges are a great way to ease off any lower body tightness before heading out on your run - especially if you've been sat at that desk all day.

4. Walking knee hugs

how to warm up before running

Working your glutes and hamstrings, walking knee hugs are a great drill to work through pre-run to help improve your hip mobility. This is also a fantastic exercise for females as well, as we tend to have a tighter hip and pelvic area.

5. High Knees

how to warm up before running

Finally, our most run focussed drill - high knees. High knees help us to focus on our lower body drive which we can take forward into our run. A key thing to remember is to focus on powering downwards, rather than pulling upwards with the legs. This helps you to power off those toes and fire up your fast-twitch fibers. These are especially great before a speed or track session.

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