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Top picks for your cushioned off-road miles

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From ultra-marathon races to long-distance cruisers, max stack trail shoes offer you the comfort and cushioning to keep going further.

With the raise of energy returning foams, and impact absorbing technologies, deeper cushioning on trails has gotten more and more popular. It might sacrifice a little ground feel, and agility, but the extra propulsion, and the savings in wear and tear on your body make them a great option.

Most of the carbon plated trail shoes on the market are designed for ultra-marathon races and use max stacks of propulsive foam to help racers find the very best speeds, but as we have created a separate Carbon plated trail shoe article here: in this article we will focus on the plate less, but highly cushioned trail running shoes.


Question: What are max stack trail shoes?

Answer: Max stack trail shoes feature a higher stack height in the midsole, providing ample cushioning and protection for long-distance trail running. The increased stack height helps absorb impact forces and provides a plush underfoot feel, enhancing comfort on rugged terrain.

Question: Are max stack trail shoes suitable for all types of trail running?

Answer: Max stack trail shoes are versatile and can be used for various types of trail running, including long-distance runs, technical trails, and ultra-marathons. However, runners should consider their individual preferences and running style when selecting shoes, as some may prefer a lower stack height for more agility and ground feel on technical terrain.

Question: What are the benefits of wearing max stack trail shoes?

Answer: The primary benefits of max stack trail shoes include superior cushioning, enhanced shock absorption, and increased comfort over long distances. The extra cushioning helps reduce fatigue and discomfort, allowing runners to maintain their pace and performance on challenging trails for extended periods.

Question: Do max stack trail shoes sacrifice responsiveness for cushioning?

Answer: While max stack trail shoes prioritize cushioning and comfort, many models are designed with responsive midsole foams and innovative technologies that maintain a balance between cushioning and responsiveness. This allows runners to enjoy a smooth and efficient ride while still benefiting from ample cushioning.



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Max stack comfort

Top picks for your cushioned off-road miles

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