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Why pay more for running shoes?
The big difference in the shoes as the price varies, is the materials used. The top end shoes will have the newest tech and the best materials available. As the price drops, they can use older tech that offers less breathability in an upper, or less rebound in a midsole for example. This does not necessarily mean lower durability, in fact some mid-priced shoes may be able to cover more miles than lightweight, stripped back race shoes at the top of the tree.

What should I pay for running shoes?
While this would obviously vary with your wallet, it will also vary with your usage. If you want to win races, there are shoes on the market for over £200 that will give you every edge on race day. If you are new to running, or only manage to get out occasionally you can afford to pay less. In the middle ground there are a lot of great shoes for covering high miles safely and in comfort that provide the cushioning and support you need.

Which running shoe under £100 is best?
A simple answer isn’t easy here, as it would depend on how you would plan to use it. In this list we have everything from stripped back speed shoes like the HOKA Rincon 3, to bullet proof road-to -trail shoes like the ASICS Gel-Venture 9.

Road Running Shoes

Trail Running Shoes

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Miles Of Styles

Shop our top pick of running shoes under £100 now!

Shop Men's Shop Women's