Why do I need a Sports Bra?

Exercising without the support you need causes naturally irreparable damage to the breast tissue and ligaments, leading to pain, discomfort and premature sagging. Wearing a sports bra reduces breast movement by a minimum of 75%, making it an essential part of your kit.
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High impact sports bras


Best for: Running, HIIT, Crossfit, Team Sports. Vertical and Lateral movement. 

Regardless of cup size, when taking part in high impact activities such as HIIT, running or most sports the breast is subjected to three-dimensional movement, which requires a bra that provides maximum support. Often combining both compression and encapsulation, high impact sports bras reduce both vertical and lateral breast movement without restricting your range of motion. These are best for those with bigger breasts and also those wanting a more padded sports bra. Also, if you’re wondering what sports bra is best for running then we would definitely opt for a high impact bra – see below our top picks.

Medium Impact Sports Bras


Best for: Cycling, Boxing, Weight Lifting, Medium Intensity. 

Designed to be worn during activities that produce a moderate degree of vertical and lateral breast movement, such as cycling, boxing or lifting weights a medium impact sports bra delivers the support you need without restricting your range of motion. Compression and/or encapsulation provide support by minimising breast movement and reducing the strain placed on the tissue and ligaments.

Low Impact Sports Bra


Best for: Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Minimal intensity.

Opting for a stretch session? Maybe yoga or Pilates? Then a low impact bra is your choice! When taking part in low impact activities, the breast is subject to minimal vertical and lateral movement, however, you will still require a low level of support in order to prevent damage to the breast tissue and ligaments. Women with larger breasts will need the support of a medium or high impact bra irrespective of the activity.

Sports bra

How to check the fit of your Sports Bra:

So you’ve chosen your activity, you’ve worked out what kind of support you need and you’ve seen one you actually like the look of… next we need to focus on the fitting of the bra. It’s all well and good having a bra that suits your activity but if it doesn’t fit your properly then you’re not getting the support that you need. See below for our guide on ensuring your bra is fitting you correctly. 

The straps
Adjustable or not, the straps should fit securely on your shoulders without slipping off or digging in. If it feels like the majority of support is coming from the straps, it is a sign you may need a smaller band size.

The cups
The perfect-fitting sports bra should fully contain your breasts. If there is cleavage on show or breast tissue escaping at the sides then the cup size is probably too small, whereas wrinkled or gaping fabric indicates the bra is too big.

So there you have it!

The ultimate bra guide to give you the support you need to enjoy your activity that little bit more. Now you can shop with confidence and browse our full range of sports bras


Chlo Hodgkinson

Content Producer
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