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Finding a suitably fitted sports bra for running is more important than your running shoes. No matter the frequency or intensity of your workout, or the size of your chest, research has shown than even an A cup can bounce up to 4cm and a G cup up to a whopping 14cm. 

Due to the lack of muscle in the chest, this excessive movement of the breast tissue can cause irreparable damage.  

A good sports bra can be pivotal in providing comfort on the run and in turn, improving overall performance.   

At Pro Direct, we want to help you take your running, or chosen sport to the next level and make your sports bra decision as easy as possible whilst ensuring optimal support, style and function.   

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sports bra finder

Impact Level

Broadly speaking, sports bras will have 3 different levels of support, depending on the intensity of activity you’ll be performing in them. It’s important to identify your personal activity level and when in doubt, always opt for the higher end of the spectrum.

For more relaxed activities such as yoga, pilates, walking or for a general active lifestyle, a low impact bra should provide you adequate support and comfort to keep you moving.

If stepping your activity level up a notch, more vigorous activities like Hiking, Spinning, cycling or medium intensity studio based gym classes will require a bra with some additional support characteristics.

For running, football, rugby or any other high impact individual or team sports, a sports bra with the most support is what you’re looking for.


sports bra finder

Back Type

The type of strap largely comes down to personal preference and may change dependent on what type of clothing you wish to pair with the sports bra. Take a look at some different styles and choose the one that looks right for you!

When you do find your perfect sports bra, a final tip for prolonging the life span is to wash in cold water when possible and avoid tumble drying to maintain optimal fit and effectiveness!