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Welcome to the Pro:Direct Running shoe finder! We’re proud to stock an unrivalled selection of high performance footwear options for every possible type of run but too much choice can prove overwhelming. How can you possibly know which shoe is best for you?!

With our intuitive shoe finder tool, our aim is to strip back the marketing buzz words and use a series of carefully considered questions to enable you to make the most informed decision in confidence, all from the comfort of your own home.

Once complete, you’ll be directed to your own personal dedicated list page of curated shoes for peace of mind and be on your way to running happily ever after.

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Pronation is a natural movement of the foot where the arch lengthens upon ground contact, resulting in an inward roll of the foot throughout your gait cycle. Problems may arise when this roll is significant which is referred to as over-pronation.

Your personal level of pronation is a vital factor when choosing the correct level of stability in your running shoes. Fortunately, there are several incredibly easy ways to determine what type of shoe may work best for you!

To learn more about pronation and what kind of support you need, check out our article on the topic here.


Another important factor to consider is the level of cushioning in your shoe. The amount and type of foam compound under foot will contribute to the overall feel of the shoe on the run more than anything else.

Some prefer a softer feel whilst others enjoy a more responsive experience with greater ground contact. Generally, a larger runner may prefer a shoe with extra cushioning but if this midsole foam is too soft, stability and durability issues may arise as a result of excessive midsole compression.

In contrast, a runner of slighter build could naturally favour a lighter, more minimal shoe but ultimately there is no sure way of knowing without putting in the miles and will always come down to personal preference!

Road Running Shoes

Tempo Running
Tempo running could simply be described as running at a comfortably hard pace, for a prolonged period of time. When it comes to building strength endurance, tempo or threshold running undoubtedly provides the most bang for your buck. Generally, a good tempo shoe will be lightweight, offer excellent lockdown, have a solid level of responsive cushioning underfoot but also enough outsole coverage to hold up over time.

Every Day Mileage
These are the perfect shoes for any runner who is looking to go out and get some miles under their belt, beginner and advanced alike. The bulk of any runners weekly mileage should ideally consist of easy miles to aid recovery and build overall aerobic fitness. A shoe to best achieve this purpose will likely feature ample cushioning to protect the legs from pavement pounding, significant outsole coverage for durability and most importantly, exude comfort.

Race Day
You’ve put in the hard graft, now it’s time to lace up and wave your old pbs goodbye with a shoe built for racing. the race day running shoe market is booming like never before with a wealth of options to accommodate every runner's needs. whether it's a high stack, carbon plated super shoe or ultra-lightweight and minimal in construction, these race day options are engineered for pure speed!