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You’ve just splashed out on a new pair of runners, perhaps your old mile munchers have finally seen their last run, or you need to up your pace and grabbed a new race day legend, either way you’re going to want to keep them in the best possible condition.


Below you can find a quick guide on how to keep them looking great, and how to make sure you are maximising their longevity.

How should I clean my running shoes?

We don’t recommend machine washing any running shoe, for a variety of reasons depending on the make and style of your shoe. One thing that is consistent is that the high performance, technical materials used in top end running shoes are not designed to go through the intense wash cycle.


Instead use baby wipes to gently spot clean, or you can clean the entire shoe (insole out first) with some washing up liquid or soap and a cloth or soft brush. Remember to rinse carefully, making sure the water runs clear before drying, dirt sticks to soap residue when dry, so you can end up making things worse if you are not careful.

How should I dry my running shoes?

For the same reasons as above, you should never put your running shoes in a drier, additionally they are likely to lose their shape. You should always dry your shoes as carefully as you wash them, even when you come in from a soaking wet run.


Balls of newspaper or paper towels inside the shoe are great at holding the shape, and absorbing some of that moisture. Next, store them somewhere dry and ventilated, but not too close to a heat source.


How often should I wear my running shoes?

This is an obvious one, but if you wear them casually, it makes it much harder to track the miles you have done in them and adds extra wear. Save yourself some money by splashing out on a pair of fashionable sneakers from our lifestyle range:

How should I store my running shoes?

From keeping them in the car in hot weather, to stacking shoes on top of each other, how they are kept when not in use can make a huge difference to their longevity.


Giving them space and letting them breathe keeps them fresh and lets them hold their shape. Keeping them out of the sun, even when accidentally left in cars or porches stops your shoes from drying out.



Should you rotate your running shoes?

Rotating shoes is good for your fitness and injury prevention, by training your body to run in multiple ways you build strength across the body, not just one direction.


It can also be good for your trainers, giving them time to rest between runs and spring back to their normal selves. You may need to splash out in the first case, but if each pair lasts for more miles, it’s a long-term win.

How far can you run in a pair of running shoes?

Depending on your weight, stride pattern and the durability of your shoes they are designed to last for 300 – 500 miles. Beyond that expect to see reductions in grip and rebound rates of midsole foams.


Track your miles on a smart watch, phone app or pen and paper to learn which models and brands last longest for you.

If you really want a pair of shoes that will last, some shoes may just be better than others! Here are some of our top high mileage trainers that have a reputation for going the distance, look after them and they will look after you.

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Soak Up The Miles

Shop our extensive range of running shoes from the biggest brands!

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