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Each brand, and even each style of shoe can fit differently. If you would like advice on the perfect fit for you, please feel free to use our live chat feature on the site, or email our specialists at, they can talk you through the best fit for your foot shape and specific needs.

We also have specialists trained to guide you through gait analysis on to make sure you are buying a shoe that will complement your stride, as well as fit your feet.

It is also worth bearing in mind that we offer a “wide” fitting on many of our shoes, which can help if you already know that you need a little extra space.

Once you have made your choice and the shoes arrive, what next?

Making sure you’re wearing the socks you plan to run in, try them on, on carpeted flooring. This way you won’t mark them and if the fit isn’t right, the tags are still attached, and they still look new, we will accept them back, or exchange them for a different size, with no issues.


How are running shoes supposed to fit?

You are looking for comfort obviously, but there are a few other things you should keep an eye on before deciding to take them for their first run.

To give your foot enough space to swell as it gets hot, and to flex through your stride, there should be enough room to fit your thumb sideways between your toes and the end of the shoe.

How do I know if my running shoes fit correctly?

Running shoes are generally tight around the midfoot but should be less so through the forefoot. You should be able to give your toes a wiggle at the front, but at the same time, you need to make sure your heel isn’t slipping at the back.

Speed shoes are often worn (and designed to be) a little tighter than normal running shoes, giving a more connected feel as you pick up the pace, so some people prefer to sacrifice a little wiggle room on their race day shoes.


How should I make them fit correctly?

I good idea to get used to your shoe for the first time is to completely loosen the laces, all the way down to the end, then once your foot is inside, you can pull them in to the perfect fit for you.

The different ways to lace your shoes for the perfect fit can all be found in a separate article here:

5 Ways To Lace Your Running Shoes | Pro:Direct Running (

You can really improve the fit with different lacing techniques, so take a look, it could make a big difference.

Should running shoes be a size bigger?

Many people find that they need to go up half a size in running shoes when compared to their normal shoe size, to give their feet room to swell. If you are finding pain in the toes, or black toenails you probably need to give them some more room.

Also try re-measuring your feet, they can change over time, and you might need a different size than you used to be. This can also be true of running shoes, which can change size and shape over the years. If you wear a certain shoe that has always worked before, but you are now having issues, the brand may have changed the fit. Perhaps a different shoe would work better for you?


What’s next?

Get out there and run! Now you have the perfect fit for you there is no stopping you, take to the roads, the trails, wherever your favourite routes are and make the most of your newfound comfort. Enjoy.

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Find Your Perfect Fit

Shop our extensive range of running shoes from the biggest brands!

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