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Early Days

Launched only a few years after the original Air unit shoe, the Tailwind, the Pegasus was the first shoe to have a heel only Air unit and was called the “Air Wedge Trainer” in development.

Its name was drawn from a bowl of employee’s suggestions and was part of a series of Greek mythology inspired names that matched with Nike the god of victory.

By the mid 80’s the Pegasus was positioned as the shoe that was just below the best in every category, from lightness to cushioning and stability, making it the shoe that you would recommend to every type of runner.

The Bad Times and Resurrection

The core philosophy was to keep the Pegasus simple, giving the shoe only what it needed. Over time this philosophy went missing, ending with sales so poor it was dropped from the line.

“We became more concerned with how the shoe looked at retail than how it performed on the foot of the runner.” —Kevin Paulk (Former Nike Running leader)

The Modern Era

Successfully reintroduced, the Pegasus became a mainstay of running again, and in 2006 they introduced the first women’s specific model, designed completely from heel to toe for women.

The Pegasus 27 released in 2010 was the first to feature the Zoom Air Unit that remains in the shoe to this day.

Pegasus 31 saw the Pegasus move towards speed, with Mo Farah consistently consulted, the design had to work for everyone, from the average runner to the elite runners like Mo who used it for training.

Around the launch of the Pegasus 35, the Next% project was yielding innovations for Breaking2 (Where Nike designed a new speed shoe, the Alphafly that Eliuid Kipchoge eventually broke the 2-hour mark for marathons in).  But with the Pegasus, they focused on the smooth transition it was known for.

“Usually at Nike, the conversation is, how do we innovate? How do we bring newness? It was the opposite with the Pegasus. It’s like, how do we leave it alone?” —Brett Holts (Nike Running Leader)

The solution oddly came from heating up a Zoom Air Unit in a toaster oven and forming it around a beer mug. This showed that they could mimic the shape of the Alphafly carbon plate in already proven Pegasus technology.

The Pegasus 37 was the first to move from Cushion foam to the lighter, more responsive, and more durable React foam throughout the midsole.

Current Launch

Finally, the Peg 41. Updated to use ReactX foam for a more responsive and more sustainable build, its more comfortable, and lighter than the previous version, with a few extra mm of foam, to help give you a cushioned, and lively feel, enhanced further by two Air Zoom units, one in the forefoot, and another in the heel. How does it stack up? it is still the shoe that you could recommend to any neutral runner, of any ability, for any type of run.

Your Workhorse With Wings

Shop the Nike Pegasus, now in it's 41st iteration!

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