Carbon Plated Speed

Check out our pick of the greatest carbon plated shoes on the market!

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From the so called “super shoes” to modern versions of a “racing flat” we are going to show you some of the very best carbon running shoes on the market and try to explain exactly which one would be perfect for you, however you run.

5k to Marathon Distances

From 5k to half marathon distance, these feather weight shoes tend to have a less deep stack of foam. The extra cushioning is less important over shorter distances and fewer steps, so brands often save weight by keeping them lower to the ground and more agile. These shoes have all the technology you would expect for race winners, but with a stripped back, featherweight feel.

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Marathon Distance "Super Shoes"

Heavily cushioned with high performance foams, and of course the carbon plate, or a brand specific version of one, this is the shoe that you see everywhere, from breaking marathon records to the feet of amateurs at the start of any big race. Starting with the Nike Vapourfly then Alphafly, now every brand has one, and each has its own approach to finding record speeds.

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Training Shoes

Going from a steady, durable, and heavy, daily mileage shoe, straight to a race day shoe, can be quite the jarring experience, and if you are stepping up the pace, taking part in Tempo sessions or sprint work you are going to want a shoe that can keep up. That’s where the plated training shoe comes in, this is the shoe that will get you your PB, even if you are wearing one of the shoes above at the time.

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Trail Shoes

If plates can help you on the road, then why not the trail? In some places they take the place of, or work as, rock plates. They provide all the guidance, propulsion, and speed you would expect, simply off-road. Carbon plates in trail shoes are predominantly used in race day shoes for long or ultra distance races.

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Question: How do carbon-plated running shoes differ from traditional running shoes?
Answer: Carbon-plated running shoes feature a stiff carbon plate embedded in the midsole, which enhances energy return and propulsion, potentially leading to improved running performance compared to traditional running shoes.

Question: Do carbon-plated running shoes really make you faster?
Answer: There is evidence to suggest that carbon-plated running shoes can improve running economy and increase running speed for some individuals. However, the extent of the performance benefits may vary depending on factors such as running biomechanics and individual responsiveness to the shoes.

Question: Are carbon-plated running shoes legal for use in races?
Answer: The legality of carbon-plated running shoes in races depends on the rules and regulations set by race organizers and governing bodies. World athletics allows on plate and up to 40mm of midsole foam under the foot.

Question: How should I care for and maintain carbon-plated running shoes?
Answer: To prolong the lifespan of carbon-plated running shoes, rotate them with other pairs, avoid wearing them for non-running activities, and clean them regularly to remove dirt and debris. Additionally, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent damage to the materials.

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Carbon Plated Speed

Check out our pick of the greatest carbon plated shoes on the market!

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