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Another day, another marathon super shoe, but the tech whizz team at Under Armour have reimagined the game, taking out the heavy outsole entirely, for a lightweight and propulsive feel all the way down, meaning its time to sit up and take notice as a new pretender comes for the throne.


Key Info

Price: £ 225

Foot type: Neutral
Weight: 210g (Men’s) 193g (Women’s)
Stack height: 36 - 28mm
Heel drop: 8 mm
Surface: Road
Best for: Shorter races, marathon races and even fast training.



Under Armours first carbon plated shoe, they are perhaps the last of the major brands to join the party, now their Elite athletes, and you, can access race day technology under the Under Armour brand.


It uses technology already found in the Under Amour range, updated and upgraded for this pinnacle race day shoe. A Warp upper becomes Warp 2.0 and the outsole destroying Flow is upgraded to Supercritical Flow.

Closer Look
The look of the shoe is distinctive, not because of the huge cut outs, or crazy shapes we have seen underfoot in recent releases, but because of the almost completely transparent Warp 2.0 upper, it looks like it couldn’t possibly hold a foot or provide comfort, but how wrong I was.

With a nice wide toe box, the upper features plenty of toe splay for a very comfortable fit, and those tape lines that act as multiple seatbelts across the foot give the locked in fit you need.

A thin TPE sockliner (insole) underfoot is made from recycled materials for step in comfort. Under that you hit the midsole proper. As usual we have two layers of foam sandwiching a carbon plate, and with the first layer, all is normal. It’s made from PEBAX foam, the same foam used across most top end racers currently, including as ZoomX in Nike products and PWRRUN PB in Saucony shoes

Under that, the carbon plate is full length and thermoset, featuring the usual curved shape we would expect, but it’s the last layer that throws convention out the window.

Brand new Supercritical Flow upgrades the regular Flow material found in the Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind 2 and replaces both the last layer of midsole, and the outsole from a traditional construction. Able to do without the outsole the Flow Velociti Elite can gain a few extra mm of cushioning and balance the shoe better, with the weight no longer all at the very bottom.

Softer, lighter, and more responsive, the new Supercritical Flow still provides excellent traction and durability to keep you running for mile after mile.

The first thing you notice when stepping into the Elite is that it is firmer than most super shoes, with a slightly lower to the ground feel, rather than a softer max stack feel of some of the other shoes on the market.

The lower, firmer, and stable feel will suit those looking for more ground feel, or a less squidgy underfoot sensation.

It also makes it a very versatile shoe, the firmer feel makes it suited to lower distance races, for half marathons, 10k and even 5ks this feels like it will do a great job, and in fact it has already set records over distances from 5k to racing 3 marathons in 3 days. Assuming the Supercritical Flow has the same durability as standard Flow, it can even make a great fast training shoe.

With a stable feel, lower stack height and firmer underfoot ride, the Under Armour Flow Velociti Elite is an agile and nimble super shoe that could be your ideal one stop race shoe, whatever your distance.

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Go Faster On Race Day

Built for record-breaking speeds!

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