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So, whether you are looking for your perfect multi shoe rotation, or want just one shoe to match your style perfectly, keep reading to get a clearer understanding of the PUMA Nitro range.

One thing that is true of all the shoes below is that the women’s versions are engineered for the female foot from the ground up. This means that they get a narrowed heel and forefoot, a fitted instep, and a sculpted arch shape.

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Fast-R NITRO Elite

Price: £220

Weight: 223g (Men’s) 157g (Women’s) 175g

Stack height: 38mm – 30mm

Heel drop: 8mm

Midsole composition: NITRO Elite and EVA heel and carbon fibre PWRPLATE

Purpose: Long distance road racing, more specifically the full marathon

With an EVA heel offering a firmer, more supportive landing, only connected to the rest of the midsole by the PWRPLATE, the Fast-R is highly distinctive. It started the current trend of cutting out parts of the midsole to allow the plate to flex more, giving even more propulsion. A big wedge of the Peba based Super-critical NITRO Elite foam in the forefoot provides a huge amount of energy, and despite looking a little ungainly, the finished product is surprisingly stable.

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Fast-FWD NITRO Elite

Price: £200

Weight: 191g (Men’s) 157g (Women’s)

Stack height: 36 – 27mm

Heel drop: 9mm

Midsole composition: NITRO Elite foam and carbon fibre PWRPLATE

Purpose: 5 – 10k races


Incredibly lightweight and showcasing a thoughtful, original, and fabulously engineered design, the Fast-FWD specialises in getting you to the finish line faster than ever before. Aimed at shorter races, this is basically a track-spike for the road. The PWRPLATE is again exposed for maximum pop at toe off, while pinnacle technology is used in the upper, midsole and outsole for every possible advantage.

Deviate Nitro Elite
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Deviate NITRO Elite 2

Price: £175

Weight: 211g (Men’s) 176g (Women’s)

Stack height: 36 – 28 mm

Heel drop: 8mm

Midsole composition: NITRO Elite foam and carbon fibre PWRPLATE

Purpose: Versatile race shoe

More versatile in both its use, and users, the Deviate Nitro Elite 2 is still a serious race day shoe for those aiming for the podium. A more traditionally constructed shoe, it still show cases PWRTAPE lockdown in the upper, PUMAGRIP LT lightweight traction and a PWRPLATE visible through a deep stack of NITRO Elite foam.

Deviate Nitro
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Deviate NITRO 2

Price: £145

Weight: 260g (Men’s) 216g (Women’s)

Stack height: 38 – 30 mm

Heel drop: 8mm

Midsole composition: Nitro Elite foam and carbon composite PWRPLATE

Purpose: Fast training and daily running

Heavier and more durable than the Elite, the Deviate Nitro 2 is still a fast shoe, but it is designed to be able to withstand the rigours of your daily miles as well. The top end NITRO Elite foam and PWRPLATE still drive you on, but more durable PUMAGRIP on the outsole, and a heavier weight upper give you miles after mile of training.

Velocity Nitro
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Velocity NITRO

Price: £105

Weight: 249g (Men’s) 206g (Women’s)

Stack height: 34 – 24mm

Heel drop: 10mm

Midsole composition: NITRO foam

Purpose: Versatile and durable


Updating the award winning original, the Velocity NITRO 2 is built to be the most versatile shoe in the range, from the treadmill to the track, it’s a perfect one shoe stop for all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is PUMA Deviate NITRO carbon plated?
It uses a carbon composite PWRRUN plate. Although PUMA’s race day shoes use full Carbon Plates, inserted within the pinnacle NITRO Elite foam, the Deviate NITRO’s plate gives plenty of forward propulsion.

Are PUMA NITRO good?
Having received excellent reviews and word of mouth from the integration of their NITRO foam, the PUMA NITRO range is an excellent range of running shoes. One of the most impressive elements of the range is the comparable value for money.

What is the better foam PUMA?
NITRO Elite is nitrogen infused PEBAX technology and offers the very best in both responsiveness and lightness. NITRO foam uses the same Nitrogen infused treatment with a TPEE foam and offers excellent responsiveness and lightness, while PROFOAM LITE is still lightweight and responsive but not to the same levels.

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PUMA Elektrocharged Pack

Race Day Ready

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