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Train with computer-optimized technology for next-level cushioning.

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The new Cloudsurfer ditches the traditional cloudtec and speedboard On brand technologies, for a softer, smoother feel and a more sustainable approach to its build. Take a look at this new concept and see if it’s for you.


Key Info

Price: £ 150

Foot type: Neutral
Weight: 245g (Men’s) 205g (Women’s)
Stack height: 32 - 22mm
Heel drop: 10 mm
Surface: Road
Best for: Shorter distances and smooth runs



Perhaps you know the old Cloudsurfer from On, perhaps not, it was a racing flat with added comfort, aimed at short distances, it followed the traditional mould of On shoes, utilising their combination of CloudTec pods and a speedboard in what was, unfortunately a slightly heavy feeling shoe against its competitors.


I can understand why On have used the same name, the new Cloudsurfer aims at the same market, everything from every day training, short runs, interval training, tempo runs, 5k , 10ks and half marathons, but with a complete redesign from top to bottom, looking at not only performance, but comfort and sustainability too, this feels like a brand new shoe, rather than the continuation of the range.

Closer Look
There is only one place to start with the Cloudsurfer, that brand new midsole concept. Looking like a series of dominoes falling, the CloudTec Phase system features clouds designed to collapse, much like the aforementioned dominoes, each in turn, for a landing, and transition like you have never felt before.

The transition is the part of your stride between landing and taking off again, and as the pods compress, they lead your foot through this period for a super smooth ride. The design of the pods was started by human intuition but completed by using computer optimised FEA engineering for the perfect sensation of cushioning and forward momentum.

The shoe uses Helion super foam, like most of On’s top end shoes, but unlike the rest of their range it does not feature a speedboard. This provides a softer feel, and a lighter weight, and helps On use fewer separate components in the build as part of their push to a more sustainable construction.

With a total recycled content of 30%, including 100% of the polyester, support zones made from recycled yarns instead of traditional plastic overlays, a dope dye technique for the upper that uses 90% less water per shoe, and a carbon emission saving of 12%, the Cloudsurfer is significantly more sustainable than traditionally manufactured runners.

Tested, tweaked and perfected with Finite Element Analysis, which involves computer modelling and biomechanical analysis, used in areas like Formula 1 helmets, the bike industry and car crash simulations, On have been able to fine tune the perfect smooth transition through your gait.

Plush, comfortable, and featuring the usual On attention to detail and finishing quality, the Cloudsurfer introduces a new way to run, and aims to revolutionise training and race day.


Frequently Asked Questions
Can you run in the On Cloudsurfer?
They are designed for running so take them out and make the most of their potential.

What other shoes are similar to the On Cloudsurfer?
The Hoka Clifton 9 is also designed for a smooth transition and a lightweight feel, and the Nike Pegasus Turbo Next Nature offers lightweight performance with a more sustainable approach. The Veja Marlin is a lightweight shoe comfortable enough for daily use, that puts sustainability at the forefront of its design.

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On Cloudsurfer

Train with computer-optimized technology for next-level cushioning.

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