On Cloudmonster Shoe Review

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On's most cushioned running shoe is here!

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Key Info

Price: £150

Weight: 275g

Heel drop: 6mm

Foot type: Neutral

Surface: Road

Best For: Long runs, recovery runs and every day running.

Everything you need to know about the On Cloud Monster:


The Cloudmonster is a brand-new offering from On, it’s aimed at those who want to improve their times, and run well, but who also focus on looking and feeling great.  

The massive levels of cushioning underfoot and exaggerated curve on the forefoot lend it perfectly to long runs, or recovery runs, but don’t be lulled into thinking this shoe can’t perform, it features buckets full of energy returning power too.

On Cloudmonster Shoe Review

For those unfamiliar with On’s unique brand of running shoes, they were set up in 2010 in Switzerland to create the perfect running sensation, a cushioned landing but a firm take off.

In all their shoes, a series of visible “clouds” underfoot called CloudTec, compress horizontally and vertically during impact. This gives personalised cushioning, soft landings, and even, according to On, less muscle fatigue.


Learn more about On's CloudTec here


The Cloudmonster takes things to the extreme, with the largest Clouds ever produced. Made using their proprietary Helion super foam for incredibly lightweight, temperature independent cushioning, they offer the same ride in the heat of summer as they do on a cold winter morning.

When you combine the clouds, and super foam, with the polypropylene Speed board sitting within the midsole, you get explosive take offs, soft landings, and a playful sensation underfoot.

On Cloudmonster Shoe Review
On Cloudmonster Shoe Review

Another element of the Cloudmonster that has the volume turned up, is the forefoot rocker, a radical upwards sweep of the shoe at the front, gives a rolling always forward feeling that smooths the transition between foot strike and toe off for efficient strides.

A soft touch comfort fabric on the upper is made from recycled polyester, and over 30% of the entire shoe uses recycled materials. The outsole features a grip rubber compound for traction and durability.

For such a weird and bold shoe design, some of the colours are perhaps surprisingly muted, with an All Black, and mainly white Frost/Surf colour available here at Pro Direct, but for the bold, we also offer the Acai colourways which feature a deep purple main body.

On Cloudmonster Shoe Review

The unusual choice to run a half-hidden banner from the heel along the outside of the shoe calling out the CloudTec underneath, adds a pop of interest to a new, and vibrant shoe. 


With maximum cushioning, those oversized Clouds, and an exaggerated rocker, this is a shoe that aims to make running fun, while also offering the performance you need to keep improving.

Ideally suited to those who run for themselves more than for PBs, or in rotation with a race day/fast run shoe, it’s time to embrace your weird side and get involved.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What other shoes are similar to this? 

Other maximally cushioned shoes with a large rocker, include OG Hoka shoes like the Bondi and Clifton, but it would also compare to similar offerings from ASICS and adidas, with the Novablast and Adistar respectively.

Can you run in the On Cloudmonster?

Yes you can, this is a high quality running shoe that offers support and cushioning for long distance runs.

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On Cloudmonster Shoe Review

Run On Clouds

On's most cushioned running shoe is here!

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