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Push Yourself To Go The Distance

Introducing the New Balance NYC SuperComp Elite V3

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A cambered carbon plate, race day tuned FuelCell, and Energy Arc technology, compete to give you the very best energy efficiency possible, as you line up on race day in the New Balance SuperComp Elite v3


Key Info

Price: £220

Weight: 228 grams

Heel drop: 4mm
Foot type: Neutral
Surface: Road
Best for: Marathon distance races




 The SuperComp range is New Balances top of the line performance range, it consists of three shoes, the Fuelcell SuperComp, or SuperComp Trainer is a max cushioned training shoe, while the SuperComp Pacer is a lightweight, racing flat for shorter distances. 

The New SuperComp Elite v3 completes the range and takes on the role of marathon distance race day shoe. All three shoes feature Carbon plates, Fuelcell midsole foam and Energy Arc technology to give you the edge at the start line.


Closer Look

If you know the New Balance range, then you know that the V3 in the name clues you into this being the third iteration of the shoe, an odd way to look at a brand-new name in the line-up. It’s because New Balance have changed from calling this shoe the FuelCell RC Elite, to the SuperComp Elite, and brought it within the SuperComp fold.

The FuelCell RC Elite was already New Balances marathon distance race day shoe, aimed at toppling giants in the range like the Nike Alphafly, adidas adios Pro, Saucony Endorphin Pro and the ASICS Metaspeed Sky/Edge. It had a good reputation as well, but that reputation was more for being the friendliest to run in, the safest of the super shoes. New Balance wanted to go beyond that reputation, to become the very best shoe in the market, bar none.

One of the major tools used to beat the competition is by bringing in their new Energy Arc technology found in its sibling shoes.

Energy Arc technology consists of three main components, the first two of which were already present in the SC Elite v2, the carbon plate, and the fat stack of FuelCell midsole foam. Together a devastating combo already, but the third section makes the range stand out from the crowd.

Oddly it’s all about what is not there, what New Balance have managed to take away from the shoes, rather than add in. “Strategic midsole voids” in New Balance talk, or big holes in the outsole” to me, New Balance have managed to carve large sections out of the underside of the shoe, all the way from the outsole to the carbon plate.

Not purely there for weight savings, these cored-out sections allow the plate to move more freely and transmit more of its snappy energy directly to you the runner, rather than being lost within the incredibly absorbent midsole foam.

Built into the Elite, the outsole void is an aggressive design, maximising energy displacement for a run that is designed to break personal records, every time you step out.

Its not just the void that is tuned specifically for speed within the Elite either, it uses New Balances highest rebound FuelCell compound, tuned to give maximum energy return.

It also features a cambered design on the full-length carbon plate. This cambered shape means that the plate can flatten left to right across the shoe, as well as through the length of the shoe, providing an extra “snap” of energy as you release the load through your stride, above and beyond what a normal plate can offer.

Away from all the speed and economy benefit underfoot, the SuperComp Elite v3 features an engineered knit upper with a bootie fit construction to surround your foot. This provides a streamlined and secure fit with a highly breathable finish.

nyc nb supercomp elite
nyc nb supercomp elite


Aimed squarely at shaking off the “friendly super shoe” moniker, the updated, SuperComp version of the Elite is targeting the pinnacle of marathon super shoes, and with all that technology packed in, it has a shot at the title.


The Nitrogen infused TPU FuellCell foam has long been a favourite, and the upgraded, cambered carbon plate creates even more pop when released. Targeted cut out sections ensure you feel the most of that snappy sensation, driving you forward stride by stride.


Fitted with energetic technology, the SuperComp Elite v3 is design to provide the highest economy benefit possible for runners, it is aimed at breaking records on anyone’s feet.


Frequently asked questions:


What the differences between the FuelCell RC Elite v2 and the SuperComp Elite v3?

The main differences are in the energy efficiency you gain in the midsole. A cambered carbon plate offers improved pop, while “strategic midsole voids” lets the carbon plate flex uninterrupted, so you feel more of the power pushing you forward.

Can you run in the SuperComp Elite v3?

Designed to give you the ultimate in running efficiency, this shoe is laser focused on creating running nirvana for races around marathon length.


What other shoes are similar to the SuperComp Elite v3?

Max cushioned super shoes designed for marathon day are thick on the ground currently, including the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly, Saucony Endorphin Pro, ASICS Metaspeed Sky or Edge and the adidas Adios Pro.



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nyc nb supercomp elite

Push Yourself To Go The Distance

Introducing the New Balance NYC SuperComp Elite V3

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