New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite v4

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Launched in time for the marathon season, the latest update to the Elite sees improved power from a brand-new form of FuelCell, and a firmer, faster feel through the forefoot.

Key Info
Price: £260
Foot type: Neutral
Weight: 195g
Stack height: 36.5 – 32.5mm
Heel drop: 4mm
Surface: Road
Best for: Smashing PBs in long distances races, especially around marathon length

The Super Comp Elite history is a bit confusing, starting life as the FuelCell RC Elite, it got encompassed into the new Super Comp range in February 2023. A new range of race shoes, separated by the introduction of Arc technology, designed to let the carbon plate realise its true potential for a springier, forward feeling stride.

Closer Look
First off, it looks great. The midsole, with its geometric shaping at the rear reminds me of the Novablast, one of the best-looking shoes out there. The colourway looks fresh, and it’s interesting to see New Balance go for a plain N down the side rather than the very dynamic, but busy looking, exploding NB across the front of the shoe from the last model.

In the NB 1080, a premium feeling long distance cruiser, they recently firmed up the forefoot significantly by redesigning the front half of the outsole. By using the same trick here, and adding in an already firmed up carbon plate, New Balance have achieved even more speed from a shoe that was already a race day legend.

The carbon fibre plate mentioned above is forked in the forefoot and more aggressive than before, adding to that peppy, pop of energy you get at toe off. This is further enhanced by an increased rocker shape and Energy Arc Technology, cut outs under the foot that give space below the plate so it can flex more, using more of its explosive power.

The midsole foam has also been upgraded, while FuelCell has always provided an amazing fast ride, the benefits of PEBA have now been introduced into FuelCell for the first time. Found in many of the race day foams across the board, its weight to energy return advantages makes the SC Elite V4 even faster, and lighter than before.

Talking of lightness, a FANTOMFIT upper is tuned to give all the lockdown you need in a super lightweight package thanks to a heat bonded film construction, yet it still manages to prioritise comfort.

With updated FuelCell power, lightness, and responsiveness, a more aggressive, and firmer feel and a lightweight tuned upper, the Super Comp Elite V4 is pushing its way through a crowded pack to reach the tape first.

Previously known as an accommodating Super Shoe, the 4th iteration is aiming to change that and be known simply for its speed, and with all the updates included, it looks like New Balance have achieved their goal, ready for you to step out and hit yours.

How much does the FuelCell Super Comp Elite V4 Weight?
New Balance have currently only released the weight for a men’s US size 9 which is 195g 

What is the stack height of the FuelCell Super Comp Elite V4?
At 36.5 – 32.5mm its slightly below the maximum legal limit, but still offers plenty of cushioning and speed.

What is the difference between the FuelCell Super Comp Elite V3 and V4?
A new FANTOMFIT upper, a firmer faster ride and improved PEBA based FuelCell cushioning all mean the V4 is lighter, and faster than ever before.


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New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite v4

Unleash your potential and smash your personal best!

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