Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro

The Next Generation Of Speed

Introducing the all new Mizuno Rebellion Pro!

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Reviewers have been raving about the new Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro, claiming that it might just be the best Super Shoe on the market. It certainly has a bold new look, with a unique way of propelling you to the finish line.


They might be slightly later to the super shoe party than some brands, but has that given Mizuno time to perfect the formula for the perfect marathon race day shoe? The Rebellion Pro combines two super foams, a plate and dramatic cut aways for incredible speed, and extra fun.

Key Info

Price £200

Foot Type: Neutral

Weight: 225g

Stack Height: 39 – 33mm

Heel drop: 6mm

Surface: Road

Best for: Marathon distance races


Mizuno have, until recently, been known more for long distance cruisers like the Wave Rider, or the Wave Sky. The launch of the Rebellion recently changed that, with Superfoam performance, and a wave plate they have been perfecting throughout their range for the past 26 years, it provided a seriously fast new option.

The Rebellion Pro aims to take this success even further, with a brand-new midsole foam, a carbon reinforced plate that has learnt from the wave plate in the Wave Rider, and a huge stack of foam, it also features a lot of its midsole/outsole cut away for improved performance.

Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro
Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro
Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro

Closer Look

The first things you notice about the Rebellion pro are oddly, not mentioned that much by Mizuno in their promotional material. That sharp upturn at the heel, and the huge carved out section running all the way up to the carbon plate in the outsole certainly take the eye. They look possibly more extreme even than the recent Puma Fast-R. They make a big difference to the way the shoe feels, but to understand them, we need to understand the midsole construction.


Sandwiching a plate between two layers of foam isn’t exactly a new concept, but with Enerzy Lite below the plate, and brand new Enerzy Lite+ above it, Mizuno are using two separate super foams to help cushion, and propel you forward. 


Enerzy Lite+ offers the same incredible level of responsiveness as Enerzy Lite, but with an even lighter build, and a softer feel. Putting this directly below your feet gives a luxurious softness that is enhanced by the placement of multiple holes through the bottom Enerzy Lite layer, to aid deformation, and cushioning.


It’s not a standard plate that Mizuno use either, made from carbon reinforced nylon it has a cut out section under the forefoot, which lowers weight, and creates a softer underfoot sensation. It also features a wall on the medial (inside) side to improve support and stability.


When you get towards the rear of the plate the heel portion borrows from 26 years of expertise by using elements of the Wave Riders plate, it is also designed to prevent heel drop, if you start landing towards the heel as you get tired, that cut away heel portion won’t bother you as the plate prevents you from rocking back during landing or transition.

Which leads to what Mizuno are calling Smooth Speed Assist. Referring in general to the shape of the underfoot, it includes that cut away heel, which is designed to “lead towards natural forefoot strike landing”, although it does have additional cushioning for when landing falls towards the heel from fatigue”, I am guessing the weight saving helps too.

It’s not all about that heel though, with a forefoot area “set in forefoot strike angle” it has a wide platform, for a stable and smooth landing phase.

The large cut away section underfoot, through the midsole, extending all the way up to the plate lets the plate flex naturally, and adds a trampoline effect all of its own that is presumably responsible for the bouncy, and fun ride you get with the Rebellion Pro

Even the lightweight G3 outsole has been focused and improved, with changes across the length of the shoe. A construction more suited to high traction is used in the forefoot launch area, while the construction helps provide a soft landing in the mid-rear foot area.

Up top a lightweight engineered mesh is created with a seamless fit for zero irritation, and two lace loops that keep the tongue in place through your run.

Felt strips inside the mesh help optimise the fit in key areas, while a lightweight heel counter helps to provide that sock like fit that is so desirable.


 I started this article by pointing out that Mizuno have been a little late to the party in getting a race day Marathon shoe to compete with the established big hitters, and I asked, have they taken that time to perfect the formula? Well, it looks like it’s a big yes, perfect the formula they have.


Surprisingly stable, smooth, and bouncy, the Rebellion Pro makes racing a marathon fun…well a bit more fun at least. Able to mix it with shoes up to £80 more expensive than them, a new contender to the throne has arisen.


Frequently asked questions

Can you run in the Mizuno Rebellion Pro?

Designed to top podiums over long distances such as Marathons, these shoes are designed for running at pace.


What other shoes are similar to the Mizuno Rebellion Pro?

The big dog in the market is still the Nike Alphafly, but at £80 more expensive, perhaps similarly priced shoes like the Saucony Endorphin Pro or adidas adizero adios Pro are worth consideration. In design and innovation, the Puma Fast – R is the closest match.

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Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro

The Next Generation Of Speed

Introducing the all new Mizuno Rebellion Pro!

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