HOKA Clifton 9 First Look

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Introducing the all-new HOKA Clifton 9!

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With even more cushioning, and even lighter performance, the HOKA Clifton 9 keeps on developing and improving, giving the trusted pavement pounder even more of an edge.


Key Stats:

Price: £130
Foot type: Neutral
Men’s weight: 248g
Women’s weight: 205g
Men’s stack height: 32 – 27mm
Women’s stack height: 29 – 24mm
Heel drop: 9mm
Surface: Road
Best for: Everyday training

The story of two Salomon employees who wanted to find a better way to go down the French alps and invented the HOKA brand has been told before, but it is perhaps worth noting that in a time of minimalist shoes, creating a maximal cushioned shoe, that was almost inconceivably lightweight was a complete revolution.

It’s not just the maximalist midsole that mark the HOKA blueprint though, with every shoe in the range making sure your foot sits low down within the shoe, you get a snug, comfortable feel, and improved stability that HOKA call an active foot frame.

Lastly there is the meta-rocker, that curved shape underfoot that gives a smooth transition, making your feet work like wheels, with a boost of propulsion at just the right time.

The Clifton comes into the HOKA range as a shoe that makes the most out of all these attributes but adds a touch of pace. Lightweight and responsive, it gives you speed for a quick 10k, but is durable enough for your daily training or long-distance runs. It’s a pavement pounder with a touch more performance than most.


Closer Look
Featuring a lower weight, but increased stack height, the HOKA Clifton 9, a shoe famed for its already low weight and deep cushioning, doubles down on what makes it so great.

In fact, the 3mm extra in the midsole takes it close to their deepest cushioned shoe, the Bondi, although it still offers a slightly firmer, faster feel than their Max cushioned recovery run/long distance shoe.

The foam they use is a brand new CMEVA or, Compression Moulded Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate if you prefer to use the full title, which lets HOKA provide that signature combination of soft and light cushioning.

They have also updated some important details around the shoe, the outsole has an improved design, but still uses the long-lasting toughness of Durabrasion rubber for your traction. It also features a reflective heel panel, streamlined and gusseted tongue, and an even plusher heel for improved comfort.

A breathable engineered knit upper not only offers a foot hugging fit, but with a snazzy lightning bolt style design embossed into the surface, it also provides a premium look to your new favourite runners.

HOKA Clifton 9 First Look
HOKA Clifton 9 First Look
HOKA Clifton 9 First Look

Famous for the lightweight, high cushioned feel, the Clifton is also known for providing that well balanced, consistent ride, across a variety of different runs. By making it more cushioned, but even lighter, HOKA have made it even more suited to shorter faster runs, and conversely, also to longer slower runs, meaning the Clifton has just got even more versatile.

If you are looking for a single pair of shoes to do everything, the Clifton fits the bill perfectly, from a daily trainer to a runner with a touch of speed to add to your line up, you need look no further.

Because HOKA have kept the same Durabrasion rubber in the outsole, and not changed the upper too wildly, you can be assured that the durability is still there, but with added cushioning, more dynamic foam, and a lighter overall weight, the Clifton just got a serious performance upgrade.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you run in the HOKA Clifton 9?
Designed to eat up the miles on long pavement pounding runs, the Clifton is a runner’s dream.

What other shoes are similar to the HOKA Clifton?
The adidas adistar, Saucony Ride, and New Balance Fresh Foam 880 are also reliable mile munchers and daily trainers.


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HOKA Clifton 9 First Look

Enter Running Bliss

Introducing the all-new HOKA Clifton 9!

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