The Perfect Race

adidas adizero adios Pro Evo 1


Only recently announced this elite running shoe is finely tuned to give the ultimate tool for an important race, the perfect responsiveness, the perfect hold, the ideal weight, everything is immaculately tuned for a perfect marathon time.

Key Info
Weight: 138g
Use for: The perfect race

A brand new shoe, a brand-new concept, and until now kept as a super-secret project, the only history behind the shoe is that of adidas, and their extraordinarily successful adizero speed range.

Designed to break records, from personal to worlds, the adidas adizero adios Pro Evo 1 is the first time adidas have gone all in, creating a shoe that is all in and done, for one specific race.

Closer look
138g! only 138g! That is 82 grams lighter than their current elite athlete race day shoe (the adizero adios Pro 3), and the whole build process is focused on creating this extraordinarily light, yet still responsive, and supportive shoe.

They have managed to save 70g in the outsole alone, with brand new tech and a thin layer or rubber to keep weight at a minimum.

Also saving weight, they have used a re-engineered, translucent upper, and removed the sock liner.

It’s not all about the weight though, adidas have also made the shoe improve your economy. After 2 years of work and subsequent testing in Kenya, the Evo Pro 1 offers a smoother, easier stride.

Part of this is down to the brand new Lightstrike Pro compound, it works alongside a full-length carbon fibre plate to propel you forward.

The rocker point, the point at which the shoes starts to curve upwards, has been placed at 60% of the length of the shoe. Tested in the lab this has been proven to provide an improved economy that will have you craving its forward rolling sensation for every run, but we strongly suggest you save this speed shoe for race day.

The adidas adizero adios Pro Evo 1 will be used by adidas elite athletes and premiered at the Berlin marathon, famously the flattest of the majors, so expect to see some new personal bests soon.

To get it on your feet you may have to wait a little longer, with it being a very limited launch to begin with but watch this space for more information about being one of the very first to get your hands on a pair soon.

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The Perfect Race

adidas adizero adios Pro Evo 1

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