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Meet the adidas Supernova Solution – the latest gem in adidas' line-up, tailor-made for runners seeking a daily trainer with that extra touch of support, without delving into the realm of full-blown stability. With a padded mesh upper and the all-new Dreamstrike+ midsole, it's poised to make waves in the running world. Among the trio of new versions – The Rise, the Solution, and the Stride – we've entrusted our resident overpronator, Ben, to put the Solution through its paces and provide us with insights into adidas's latest stability offering.

First Impressions
Cracking open the box was quite exciting – I’m a long-time admirer of adidas and I've often been tempted by their offerings but never quite taken the plunge. As someone who prefers a guidance-oriented approach to stability over traditional medial post technology adidas have often leant towards, opening the box to trial this new offering felt like a long-awaited reward.

Upon laying eyes on the Supernova Solution, it's clear that this is a running shoe designed for comfort. The upper exudes softness and flexibility, with extra plushness around the achilles and tongue promising a snug and comfortable fit.

The sole, as expected, felt delightfully squishy, with the standout feature being the angled zone at the heel – a reassuring crash pad for heel strikers, ensuring a smooth transition through each stride.


Fit (Length, Width, Comfort)
Slipping into the Supernova Solution was a treat, thanks in large part to the plush tongue and collar embracing my foot. Standing in them, I could feel the midsole's sponginess beneath me, hinting at the comfort that awaited when I hit the road.

True to size, my trusty 9.5 fit like a glove, and even my slightly wide feet found ample room to splay within the toe box of the standard model.

I put the Supernova Solution through its paces, taking it along for a variety of sessions – easy runs, speedy intervals, and weekend long hauls. While it handled all tasks admirably, it truly shone during the slower-paced runs and longer outings.

The combination of elite cushioning and plush elements in the fit provided a luxuriously comfortable ride, making the miles feel effortless. While it held its own during speedier sessions, I found myself wishing there was a teeny bit more pep within then when trying to hit those higher paces. Nevertheless, the Supernova Solution has earned its place as a reliable option for daily mileage, becoming a staple in my lineup without question.

To wrap up my cosmic adventure with the adidas Supernova Solution, it's clear that this shoe isn't just a star – it's a supernova in its own right. From the moment you lace up, it's evident that adidas has nailed down extreme comfort for the road with this latest offering.

With its plush fit, responsive cushioning, and versatility across a range of runs, the Supernova Solution has earned its stripes as a dependable daily companion and it’s certainly one you can rely on to get the job done with style and comfort with the added benefit of light support when required.

So, whether you're following your latest training plan or simply enjoying the rhythm of the road, the Supernova Solution certainly earns a spot in your rotation whilst also looking pretty darn decent. After all, who says stability can't be stylish? Step into the future of running – it's out of this world.

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Ben Campbell

As the resident pronator on the Pro:Direct Running team, I love being able to live and breathe all things running on a daily basis! When I'm not out trialling all the latest structured running shoes around my area, you can find me tearing up and down the trails across Dartmoor and local Devonshire countryside. If not, I'll be in a nice little pub enjoying some vegan grub and probably talking about running!
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adidas Supernova Solution

Check out the highly rated stability shoe here

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