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A brand-new offering, the adidas adizero SL is a lightweight, fast, and cushioned training shoe, designed for the days leading up to race day.


Key info

Price: £110

Foot type: Neutral

Men’s weight: 241g

Women’s weight: 211g

Stack height: 33 – 24.5mm

Heel drop: 8.5mm

Surface: Road

Best for: Training runs




The SL range was made famous with the SL78 which has become a classic fashion silhouette. Moving up to modern day running shoes and adidas already have the SL20, a fast-training shoe, but not fast enough to be considered part of the adizero range.

The adizero range is adidas’s fastest shoe range, which incorporates their super max stack Prime Strung X, and the shoe loved by elite marathon athletes, the adios Pro. It also includes shoes that bridge the gap between fast paced training shoe, and race day shoe, shoes like the Boston and the adios.

adidas adizero SL
adidas adizero SL
adidas adizero SL

Closer Look


The adizero SL is designed as a training shoe, not a race day shoe, but it still holds the name adizero, which is a mighty weight to carry. 

So, what lifts this training shoe above the others in terms of speed, and makes it worthy of the moniker adizero? The main reason would be what adidas are describing as a “pop” of Lightstrike Pro in the forefoot.

Most of the midsole is constructed from “standard” Lightstrike. A super lightweight, and responsive EVA foam, it is used throughout adidas’s lightweight shoe range (as opposed to the heavier, but plush feeling Boost midsole found in daily runners, and long-distance mile munchers like the Ultraboost and the Solar range).

An insert of Lightstrike Pro, the foam used in their very fastest race day shoes, sits right underneath the forefoot, providing extra cushioning, and energy return, reducing fatigue, and making the most of every single stride.

adidas are very good with using recycled materials, especially in their uppers, and this continues in the adizero SL, with an engineered mesh that is designed for comfort, as well as lightness. It might just be me but does the upper look like a throwback to the 90s? With what looks like targeted, punched holes for breathability, rather than the looser weave knit fabrics we have become used to, and honestly, I am enjoying the look, even if it does show my age.

Importantly, in the outsole adidas are continuing their partnership with Continental rubber to offer traction that not only works in the wet and dry, but is also durable, withstanding the rigours of all those miles leading up to race day.

adidas adizero SL
adidas adizero SL
adidas adizero SL



With deeper cushioning than the adizero adios 7, and no torsion rods, the adizero SL offers a plate free, but still reliably fast training companion that makes the step up to your race day shoes feel natural.

Durable enough to use every day, but with the speed that comes through lightness, and the propulsive Lightstrike Pro forefoot “pop”, the adizero SL is set to adorn the feet of aspiring racers of all qualities.


Frequently asked questions


Can you run in the adidas adizero SL?

The adidas adizero SL is a lightweight, fast training shoe designed for running.


What other shoes are similar to the adidas adizero SL?

The adidas adizero adios 7 and SL20 are both similar fast training options from adidas. The Nike Pegasus is the same price and sits at the daily trainer end of Nikes speed range. Also consider the Rincon from Hoka which is near race weight shoe designed for daily training.


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adidas adizero SL

Win Every Training Run

Maximise your performance in the adidas adizero SL!

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