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Jakob Ingebrigtsen is a running sensation, with a gold medal in both the 1500m and 5k at the last Olympics in Tokyo, a world record and even a starring role in a reality TV show based around him and his brothers who also run internationally.

Here is what he has to say about training, racing, and even how to act after, your most successful 5k race yet.

Starting with three training tips

  1. Consistency
  2. Planned Programme, from Monday to Sunday
  3. Don’t go too hard

Important tips for race day

  1. Get enough sleep, for the last 5 days before your race
  2. Eat easily digestible food
  3. Conserve as much energy as possible. That’s right, the Olympic champion says you must get everyone else to do the chores all day! (It’s not quite what he said, but what an opportunity!)

Warming up for the race

  1. Don’t go too hard
  2. A little bit of running, some stretching, some exercises, get your body fully warmed up
  3. Get your heart rate racing

Standing on the starting line

  1. Calm yourself
  2. Nerves: You need to be nervous, concentrated, and focused
  3. Pre-plan but be open minded. A lot of things can happen, and it can be unpredictable

After the gun shot

  1. Stay calm, don’t go out too fast
  2. Get to your pace as soon as possible
  3. Conserve some energy so you can have a good last lap/finish


  1. First 3k needs to be run at a decent pace
  2. Do not go too hard
  3. Negative split: Faster second half of the race than first half

Finishing the race

  1. Conserve energy
  2. Position yourself well
  3. Or spend energy wisely during fast races

During the race

  1. Don’t get stressed
  2. Keep your body relaxed
  3. Go for a fast last lap/100m

When you see the finish line

  1. You will fill with lactic acid and feel like you are slowing down
  2. Keep your stride going, keep the high pace
  3. Last hundreds, it’s all out.

Once you’ve won the race and smashed your PB

  1. Stay on your feet
  2. The pain will be over soon
  3. If you’re going to be better than everyone else, you have to act like you are better than everybody else.

If it works for the very best in the game, it can probably work for you too, so get out there, try out his tips, and maybe take a look at some of our specialist 5k race shoes available here at Pro:Direct, like the Nike Streakfly or ZoomX Vapofly, adidas Takumi Sen, or New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Pacer that are all aimed at improving your times over 5k.

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Ray Barlow

Having suffered from Chronic Fatigue for over a decade, I am a recent convert to the joys of running. Although every run steals a lot of energy, the mental health and fitness benefits more than make up for it. My runs are mainly across the back of the nearby beaches, dodging between the tourists. When not geeking out over the latest running tech, you can find me trying new gins, making gins, or boring anyone within earshot about gin.
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Find Your Fast

Shop Nike's range of race day spikes now!

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