Clubhouse Kick-back Scheme Overview

The Clubhouse Kick-back scheme gives Clubs who are signed up to the Clubhouse scheme an opportunity to earn additional discounts on a range of Pro:Direct products.

How does it work?

  • All Clubs who register for Clubhouse will automatically join the Clubhouse Kick-back Scheme. Once the Club has a Clubshop set up, any further purchases the Club makes will earn them Loyalty Points – 5 points for each £1 spent on the Pro:Direct Soccer site*.
  • Additionally members of the Club can link their Pro:Direct Sport account with their Club and any purchases that members make will also earn Clubhouse Kick-back Loyalty Points for the Club, at the same rate of 5 points for each £1 spent*.
  • Once an order has been placed, the points earned are calculated and added to the Club’s pending points balance. After 30 days, so long as the order has not been returned, those points are confirmed and the Club can “spend” them on the Pro:Direct Soccer website.
  • Each block of 500 points is worth £5 to spend on kit, equipment, footballs or bags**. Points will expire after 15 months, but a Club can save them up to redeem against their next big kit purchase; or spend them during the year to save on additional purchases.
  • As a Club, the more members who sign up to a Pro:Direct Account and join your Clubshop, the more you can save as you are credited with Clubhouse Kick-back points for ALL your members’ purchases, not just purchases from your Clubshop.

* Some products may not qualify for points, such as products fulfilled by Pro:Direct partners. The number of points earned per £1 may change.
** The redemption value for points may change.


Clubhouse Kick-back

  • I’m a Club, how do I join the Clubhouse Kick-back scheme?

    When you create an account on Pro:Direct Soccer and create your Clubshop, you automatically join the Clubhouse and the associated Clubhouse Kick-back scheme.
    Creating your Clubshop is easy – choose your kit, customise it using our free kitbuilder and shortly after checking out your Clubshop will accessible via My Account – My Clubs, where you will also find your Share Link.
    Simply start sharing your share link and encourage your club members to join you. All they need to do is click on the Share Link, register or sign in at Pro:Direct Soccer and start shopping . You’ll start to earn points based on their spend.

  • I play for/support a club. How can I help support them through the Clubhouse Kick-back Scheme?

    You’ll need to get the club’s Share Link from someone at the club. All you need to do is click that link and Sign up , either with an existing Pro:Direct account, or create a new one on the website. Signing up or in via the club’s link will affiliate your account with your club; and the club will start to earn loyalty points based on your purchases across the Pro:Direct Soccer site – not just in the Clubshop!
    You’ll know that you have signed up correctly by going to My Account – My Clubs and you should see yourself listed as a Member of the Club. If you ever change your loyalty you can also remove your affiliation with the club here.

  • Can I see my points balance?

    A Club administrator can view the Club’s Kickback loyalty points balance and recent activity within the dashboard within My Account > Clubhouse Kickback page.

  • Earning Points - How do I earn points? What do I earn points on?

    Just make a qualifying purchase on the site and you will earn points based on the value of the order. Most purchases will earn points for your Club, but sorry, we cannot offer points on products which are sent to you directly by one of our partners.

  • Earning Points - How many points do I earn?

    For each £1 spent on qualifying items, 5 points will be credited to your Club.

  • Earning Points - Can I earn extra points?

    Yes! Sign up more club members and you will earn points on all of their qualifying purchases. The more members affiliated to your club, the greater potential you have to earn points. Make sure that everyone in your community knows that they can help your club by affiliating to your club and buying their gym gear, running shoes, school bags, sneakers from Pro:Direct Soccer. 

  • Earning Points - Are bonus points available?

    Pro:Direct may run bonus points offers at various times.
    Bonus offers will be communicated to clubs and members via the site, or your account manager if you have one (account managers are generally provided to clubs with 10 or more teams – contact us if you feel you need an account manager).

  • Why can I not spend the full points balance I see on my dashboard?

    The points balance shown in your account shows both confirmed points (which you can redeem); and pending points (which cannot yet be redeemed).
    Pending points are automatically confirmed after 30 days (unless the order earning them is returned to us). Once those points are confirmed, you are able to redeem them.

  • Redeeming Points - How can I spend points?

    As a Club account, you will have the option to redeem points against your order at checkout, so long as you have more than 500 confirmed points in your account; and your basket contains eligible items (teamwear kit, training/coaching equipment, footballs or bags only). You can choose to redeem points in blocks of 500 up to your points balance or total order value (less delivery).

  • Redeeming Points - What can I spend points on?

    Points can only be redeemed against specific items – teamwear kit, training/coaching equipment, footballs and holdalls/bags.

  • Redeeming Points - How much are my points worth?

    You can redeem points in blocks of 500. Each 500 points is worth £5.

  • Redeeming Points - Why can’t I redeem points on my order?

    There could be a number of reasons for the option to redeem points not being available.
    1. Points can only be redeemed by the Club administrator. If you are not logged into the Club account, you will not have a points balance and have no option to redeem points.
    2. Points can only be redeemed if the Club has a balance of 500 points or more confirmed points available.
    3. Points can only be redeemed on qualifying orders – all items in the basket have to be teamwear kit, training/coaching equipment, footballs or bags. If you have anything else in the basket, the redemption option will not be available.
    4. Points cannot be pending and need to be confirmed (the points need to have been earned more than 30 days ago to be confirmed)

  • Do my points expire?

    Yes, you have 15 months to redeem points once they have been confirmed within your account. The points will expire after this time.

  • Can I change the Club I earn points for?

    Yes, just affiliate your Pro:Direct account with the new club and choose to make it your default (go to My Account – My Clubs to manage your affiliations). Points you earn from that time will be credited to your new club.

  • Can I opt out of the scheme?

    Yes, just remove your affiliation with Clubs (go to My Account – My Clubs to manage your affiliations) and you will no longer be a participant within the Clubhouse Kick-back scheme.



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