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Nike Air Max Golf Shoes

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Key Info:
Price: £155 for ’86, £125 for ‘90
Cushioning: Foam midsole complimented by Air unit in heel
Traction: Integrated, spikeless traction
Style: Heritage
Upper: Water repellent finish


The Air Max is a byword for Sneaker culture, originally designed as a running shoe, it used what was then, brand new Air technology. The legendary Tinker Hatfield created a shoe with colours, overlays and shapes all designed to show off the iconic window into this exciting technology.

The Air Max ’90 took the same design cues but ramped them up, with Hatfield introducing more colour, and highlighting the iconic branding, making it an essential for the style conscious through the 90s right up to today.


Closer Look
Each shoe takes the original sneaker as a design inspiration, keeping the look, style and silhouette you know and love, but adding golfing details that make them ideal for the full 18 holes, the driving range, or the clubhouse.

A water repellent finish lets you shed quick showers and helps keep the long grass dew away on your rare trips into the rough. Both shoes use an integrated, spikeless traction outsole that gives you the hold you need, over any type of terrain.


The epitome of sneaker culture, The Nike Air Max, just became the epitome of style on your local greens. Both the ’86 to ’90 are sneakers secure in their place in history, and now they are a golf shoe about to become the same.


What is the Nike Air Max 90 Golf?

Like the Nike Air Max ’86 the ’90 features the spirit of the original icon, redesigned for the fairways. It’s a full golf shoe with all the style of the classic sneaker.

Are the Nike Air Max golf shoes waterproof?

Although they are not fully waterproof, each shoe has a protective film that provides a water repellent finish.

Do Air Max 90 Golf run small?

Like the ’86, and in general, most Nike shoes, they tend to be true to size.


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Classic Design

Nike Air Max Golf Shoes

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