Newbery Cricket Bats

Known for their exceptional quality, performance and craftsmanship, our array of Newbery Cricket Bats are handcrafted using the best quality English willow, ensuring that every detail is carefully crafted to perfection.

With a diverse range of cricket bats to suit different playing styles, Newbery offers a fantastic choice of traditional or modern aggressive bats. The Newbery Kudos is a popular choice for those seeking controlled shots on the backfoot while still demanding a powerful and responsive bat, and for those who prefer a no-nonsense bat with minimal concaving, the Newbery Renegade is the perfect choice for stepping forward with confidence.

We also stock many more popular Newbery collections including Blitz, Navarone, Velo GT and more, in a variety of colours and grades, so you can find the perfect cricket bat to suit your game. 

Shop the full collection today and put your new bat to the test with our broad selection of Cricket Balls