Welcome to the Pro:Direct Cricket bat finder! We’re proud to stock an unrivalled selection of bats for every kind of player but too much choice can prove overwhelming. How can you possibly know which bat is best for you?! With our intuitive bat finder tool, our aim is to strip back the marketing buzz words and use a series of carefully considered questions to enable you to make the most informed decision in confidence, all from the comfort of your own home.

Once complete, you’ll be directed to your own personal dedicated list page of curated cricket bats considering your personal preferences and playing style, you can find the perfect cricket bat that suits you best.

Bat Weight

The ideal weight of a bat can vary depending on factors such as the player's physical strength, playing style, and personal preference. It's essential for players to choose a bat that feels comfortable and allows them to execute their shots effectively while maintaining control and balance at the crease.

Light Bats 2lb6oz - 2lb9oz: Light bats are typically easier to manoeuvre and swing quickly, making them suitable for players who prefer a faster bat speed and rely on timing and placement rather than power. These bats are often favoured by players who play shots along the ground and focus on technique. Light bats are also suitable for junior players and those who are not as physically strong.

Medium Bats 2lb10oz - 2lb12oz: Medium bats strike a balance between bat speed and power. They offer a combination of control, manoeuvrability, and hitting power, making them suitable for a wide range of players and playing styles. Medium bats are often preferred by batsmen who like to play a mix of attacking and defensive shots, as they provide enough power to hit boundaries while still allowing for precise shot placement.

Heavy Bats 2lb12oz+: Heavy bats are designed to provide maximum hitting power, making them suitable for players who rely on strength and power to hit the ball long distances. These bats are often favoured by aggressive batsmen who play big shots and look to clear the boundary ropes regularly. Heavy bats can help generate more momentum and power through the ball, but they may be more difficult to manoeuvre and swing quickly compared to lighter bats.

Bat Grade & Appearance

Grade 1: These bats are made from the finest quality willow with a straighter grain structure and minimal blemishes.

Grade 2: The cricket bats may have some irregular grain patterns or slight blemishes across the face of the bat.

Grade 3: These bats will have a definite and irregular grain pattern and cosmetic blemishes.

Grade 4 to 6: These bats will have a range of blemishes and imperfections including knots, discolouration and butterfly stains. This makes them generally more affordable but performance will not be affected.

It's important to note that the grading system can vary slightly between manufacturers, and individually bats within the same grade may still have some variation in quality. We trust all the manufacturers we work with to send the best quality bats they can that meet their desired standards.

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