What to know about Jayson Tatum’s debut signature shoe?

Jayson Tatum has made a significant leap on and off the court this season.

After leading his Boston Celtics’ franchise to their first NBA Finals in over a decade last year, Tatum has made yet another jump this season, as he’s emerged as a strong 2023 MVP candidate. Number Zero leads the league in total points this year and has been the main catalyst in propelling the Celtics’ to the number two seed in the East.

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From signing with the Jordan brand back in 2019, Jayson Tatum has been one of the standout superstars of the NBA and his on-court accomplishments have now been rewarded by the Jumpman organisation.

The Jordan Tatum 1 is Tatum’s debut signature sneaker and has been designed for the next generation of player to raise their game. The new release is the lightest performance shoe in Jordan Brand’s performance line this season - born out of Tatum’s desire to wear an on-court shoe that felt more connected to his foot.

This shoe-foot connectivity was vital due to Jayson Tatum’s three-dimensional scoring, effective ball handling and lockdown defence. The latter has become prominent in the last couple of seasons due to Tatum’s impressive ability to guard one through four on the oppositions line-up.

Built out of a lightweight, reinforced TPU frame, the shoe is wrapped by a ground-contact foam that also acts as an integrated traction pattern. The minimal rubber on the toe and ball of the foot was designed specifically for Tatum’s predominantly forefoot game.

A large, uncaged Zoom Air bag in the forefoot of the Tatum 1 helps provide high energy return without sacrificing natural court feel. The mesh knit upper is strong yet lightweight, while the collar is padded for ankle support due to the intensity and requirements of the modern game.


There are several personal touches and details that have been added to this sneaker design. “I Just Didn’t Quit” — which is tattooed on Tatum’s calf is situated on the TPU piece along with the coordinates for his hometown of St. Louis. “Living Proof” is printed on the outer sections of the rubber which pays homage to his relationship with Wizards star Bradley Beal and how his mentorship helped Tatum reach the league. A “0” lands on the heels to represent his Celtics’ jersey number while his signature “JT” logo embellishes the tongues and his son’s name “Deuce’ is visibly present on three out of the first four launch colourways.

The Zoo colourway, which will commence Tatums signature line, is now available on site at Pro:Direct Basketball. This is the first of many so in the meantime, keep your eyes peeled and explore our bespoke Jayson Tatum's player collectio.